Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TPP and UC? $2 Million for Graduation? and other items.

as in:
TPP-- Trans Pacific Partnership-- and UC

the TPP is currently at an important juncture in negotiations
--trying to find some UC posts on it by UC academics or even admin--but can only find
this ol' stuff from Berkeley Law

and the fact that UCSD hosted some of the talks in 2012 more on that from UCSD here

remember Napolitano: What is UC’s role in the growing trans-Pacific partnership?

"The first thing I’m going to do is take an inventory of where we do have relationships … and identify areas of the world that would be key partners potentially with the University of California. And given that we’re on the Pacific Coast, it makes ultimate sense that we would look toward Asia in that regard. We also ought to look south, to Mexico, Central America and South America. There’s a whole host of issues about international relations that can be led out of the office of the president."
see that inteview: here

and there's this non UC article.
but where's the current stuff from UC about it?
"As of Monday, 1,600 students and parents signed a change.org petition admonishing UCI administrators for not alerting them of plans to hold a mass commencement ceremony at Angel Stadium of Anaheim at a cost of about $2 million."

see OC Reg: With or without Obama, UCI students frustrated by graduation plan
More than 1,600 people sign a petition questioning the school’s move to turn commencement ceremonies into a single, five-hour event in Angel Stadium.
“We’re hoping that with the right words and the right effort we can get the smaller ceremonies reinstated.”

and make clear where the $2 Million comes from...hopefully- some UC acad depts, programs, etc. could really use $2 mil to keep going-- so, it would be good to explain.
other round up:
measles in a recent UC story, now meningitis vaccinations at UC
and some at UCSF trying to figure out a polio-like-maybe-virus in CA --WTH?!!

and a troubling story out of UCSB that gives all of the Title IX activism this year even more meaning.

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