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Gone, gone, gone

Daily Nexus UCOP Revamps on Title IX and VAWA

more from UCSD Guardian
Desmond-Hellmann Steps Down as UCSF Chancellor Today
“A 23,000 person, $4 billion university does not run on its own gas. It needs leadership,” she told KQED’s Scott Shafer recently. “The ability to hire people and pay them what they are worth is good for the state, good for the university, and shouldn’t be the subject of pandering.”

When she was appointed, Desmond-Hellmann became the first female Chancellor in UCSF’s 150-year history. Prior to joining the university, she directed the development of new drugs at biotech company Genentech, a background she said was more controversial than her gender.

“[I] felt no pressure as the first woman Chancellor. I did feel some pressure that individuals looked to me as a drug company lady,” Desmond-Hellmann told Shafer, adding that some in the university were originally “suspicious of my motives, suspicious that I would value private industry over our public mission.”

-wasn't it more about the stocks? the tobacco stock in the portfolio that was a surprise?

Daily Cal -Breslauer gone - “It’s not where you get your money, it’s how you spend it that counts,” Breslauer said. And:
"A few regrets

Some do not share Loomba’s sentiments, however. Breslauer says he has few regrets about his tenure — except that the handling of the protests in 2009 and 2011 “got out of hand.” In both years, the campus erupted in protests as students derailed harsh budget cuts and increased fees.

But the events of 2011 in particular may have a longer-lasting effect, as some protesters have filed a lawsuit against Breslauer, Birgeneau and other UC Berkeley administrators, alleging that the officials authorized police violence during an Occupy Cal protest. The campus was criticized for the police response to the protesters, which some saw as excessively violent.

The request from the UC Berkeley administrators to be dismissed from the $15 million lawsuit was denied in January.

But Bob Jacobsen, former chair of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate, warned about overstating the importance of the protests and allowing them to overshadow the developments Breslauer has overseen.

“(The protests) were a part of changing the way the university is financed and changing the way we provide access to students, but they weren’t the thing that was driving the changes,” Jacobsen said. “The underlying changes that the institution has to have were happening and have continued to happen since.”

Coach Montgomery leaving
Janet Napolitano set for a staff 'chat' in mid April and Dirks will do the same April 8.
Gone, gone, gone.

Less 'Nerd Bird' --More Necker Island?

Remaking the University -- on: Virgin Air, UF Online, and the Price of Privatization
"In Florida, Jeff Schweers at the Gainsville Sun tried to find out how much University of Florida Online paid to a division of Pearson LLC, the giant publishing and education corporation headquartered in the UK. He was rebuffed. "

-Pearson in US and UK, "the maths wrong" in UK, Richard Branson moves and cost disease, privatization disease...

--Is it all going the way of Virgin flights from San Jose to LA? They tried calling them 'nerd bird' flights... - the private Necker Island
An Op Ed on the CA Senate Oil Bill SB 1017 includes:
The University of Southern California Communications Institute found the Monterey Shale reserve is poised to create a half-million new jobs by 2015 and 2.8 million by 2020 here in California. Oil industry jobs are only going to boom in California -- with or without a tax.

There has also been the charge that SB 1017 creates more "unelected," and thus unaccountable, bureaucracy. SB 1017 creates an advisory board appointed by key stakeholders, such as the University of California Regents and California State University Trustees, to hire an outside auditing firm to ensure funds are being spent as intended. Any degree of fund misuse or fraud results in funding being cut off from the violating body. SB 1017's mechanism of revue allocation is incredibly secure and accountable. Arguing it is not because the board is "unelected" is largely irrelevant. It's unreasonable to expect every state board to be directly elected. It's entirely appropriate for a board such as this to be appointed by stakeholders, and that in no way compromises accountability.

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The Too Big To Fail In Higher Ed Questions

Senators Harkin and Warren mention the possibility during the meeting - see: US Senate Full Committee Hearing - Strengthening the Federal Student Loan Program for Borrowers on March 27, 2014.
Panel I
James W. Runcie , Chief Operating Officer, Federal Student Aid, United States Department of Education, Washington, DC

Panel II
Dr. Michelle A. Cooper , President, Institute for Higher Education Policy, Washington, DC

Deanne Loonin , National Consumer Law Center, Boston, MA

Roberta L. Johnson , Director of Student Financial Aid, Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Marian Dill , Director of Student Financial Aid, Lee University, Cleveland, TN

Some coverage of the above and 'revolving doors' discussed in the comments to this IHE piece here.
CA Senate Education committee met on March 26, 2014 - you can view that video here along with the agenda.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gunnison on Leland Yee

Rob Gunnison, recognized for mentoring aspiring journalists during his years as Director of School Affairs at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism--his op ed at Cal Buzz on Leland Yee- Op-Ed: When The Press All Cheered Leland Yee
A SPLC flashback on Yee with the student press in video here.
Gunnison ends his piece on where clues to explain it might be found, KGO's Dan Ashley gave a commentary that offered one 'likeability' clue w/ Sacto colleagues here- --it led to thoughts of could this also be about retribution among pols? Also, ( see this video clip of other recent coverage. Other pieces this week reference clues surrounding specifically SF politics that might explain 'the environment' as well. There are lots of angles to cover on it- but some news outlets just wanna have fun creating 'restaurant walking tours' based on some local color details... hopefully there are folks out there who can and will cover it fully.
The "splitting hairs" and "the smell":

Friday, March 28, 2014

Almost 1 Billion and a Beacon

Reuters: University of California debt tops U.S. municipal bond calendar
The University of California institutions were long considered a point of pride in the Golden State, but California's years-long budget battles caused funding for the system to fall and its operations to suffer.

Business Week: the raining day fund and other issues for Pres. of the UC Regents Gov. Brown-- "Corruption Charges Against California Democrats Are Making Jerry Brown's Job a Whole Lot Harder"

U. Penn.: Napolitano to receive Beacon Award at Penn. in April
“Janet Napolitano has been a leader in improving women’s lives and in advancing education, from early childhood through college, as a way to make a profound impact on people’s lives,” said Penn Provost Vince Price, who will make the Beacon Award presentation.

UCLA's Chancellor Block On Online, USC on Nap's relation to Cal Grant, more.

Don’t Let Online Education Widen The Digital Divide By Gene D. Block
it starts off "As a growing number of households gain access to the Web, bridging the digital divide, Gov. Jerry Brown has rightfully seen online education as a key strategy for delivering higher education opportunities to more students without the added costs, particularly in a state still struggling with debt."
see an op ed by a student: Cal Grant Cuts Expose Lack of Investment in Education
Though Cal Grants have been cut over the past three years , newly instated University of California President Janet Napolitano was given a generous six-figure salary totaling $570,000, plus $8,916 and $9,950 bonuses for car and mortgage payments, respectively. The UC system, funded by the state, even remodeled and renovated a home for the former Secretary of Homeland Security costing between $3.5 and $6 million, all under the guise of reducing maintenance costs in the future. An initial $620,000 was approved to begin the renovations. Napolitano was also given $142,500 for relocation costs.

The California legislature also condemns that the coffers are nearly empty, and the current funding for higher education is unsustainable. The UC system in the past decade has struggled to keep classes open and provide students with reduced tuition and sufficient financial aid. Private institutions, such as USC, have launched optimistic and record-breaking fundraisers in order to stay afloat and provide an infrastructure for students and faculty that will endure in the 21st century. Higher education is suffering; meanwhile, the UC system is spoiling its new president, who was brought in to lead one of the largest systems of higher education in the country in the right direction. To add insult to injury, Gov. Jerry Brown was approved for a salary raise last summer, increasing his pay to $173,987 per year.

The bureaucracy in California has hindered the development and progress of universities and in lieu of slashing pay and benefits for themselves, lawmakers and those in power have shifted the burden to students and parents. With Napolitano making six figures, the $8,916 per month bonus she receives for car payments nearly totals more than the maximum award for Cal Grants next year. That money could be used to invest in a student’s education.

(To be clear -that author is likely referencing renovations to Blake House- not the $10,000 per month Oakland condo.)
and via Bill Moyers a piece on UCLA finding race issues... in NY.

Napolitano to deliver commencement address at Northeastern University (and receive an honorary degree)

this is part of their write up:

Napoli­tano was named the 20th pres­i­dent of the Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­fornia. Since taking office in Sep­tember 2013, she has launched ini­tia­tives across a range of issues, including sup­port for stu­dent vet­erans, increasing the pipeline of under­rep­re­sented minority stu­dents pur­suing advanced degrees, and tuition sta­bi­liza­tion and finan­cial aid for undoc­u­mented stu­dents. In addi­tion, she has com­mitted to achieving carbon neu­trality across the UC system by 2025, increasing fac­ulty sup­port through post-​​doctoral fel­low­ships, trans­lating research into prod­ucts and ser­vices, and strength­ening engage­ment with Mexico.

She leads a uni­ver­sity system with 10 cam­puses, five med­ical cen­ters, three affil­i­ated national lab­o­ra­to­ries, and a statewide agri­cul­ture and nat­ural resources pro­gram. The UC system has more than 234,000 stu­dents, about 208,000 fac­ulty and staff, more than 1.6 mil­lion living alumni and an annual oper­ating budget of more than $24 billion.

“Higher edu­ca­tion is the key to devel­oping future gen­er­a­tions of the indi­vid­uals who will ensure the strength of com­mu­ni­ties across our nation and beyond our bor­ders,” Napoli­tano said. “It’s an honor to have been asked to address the North­eastern Uni­ver­sity grad­u­ates who will help lead the way.”

During her four-​​year tenure as Sec­re­tary of Home­land Secu­rity, Napoli­tano took impor­tant steps to tap into the exper­tise and research capacity of Amer­ican col­leges and uni­ver­si­ties, including the for­ma­tion of the new Home­land Secu­rity Aca­d­emic Advi­sory Council. Com­prised of 19 promi­nent uni­ver­sity pres­i­dents and aca­d­emic leaders—including Pres­i­dent Aoun—the council is charged with advising the sec­re­tary and the department’s senior lead­er­ship on sev­eral key issues.
Napolitano also answers questions in this interview about how the faculty perceive her and other questions like:
Q:Assembly Speaker John Pérez says Cal State might get more than the Governor proposed, what are the prospects for you getting more than the 5 percent in his proposed budget?

A:"In his proposed budget we would get 9 percent more next year, of course, obviously, we like that budget better than the governor's, but there's a lot of things that go into budgets and as you know they re-estimate the revenues coming into the state in May, and that may have some impact as well, both on the legislature and on the governor's perspective. I think where we need to start off is saying, look, University of California is this unique treasure. It contributes in myriad ways to the economic and social well being of California. What do we need to do to support it and maintain its excellence?"
USGS all over the WA landslide - w/ info on other areas to watch etc.
the 'hub and spokes model'

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Report: Boosting California’s Postsecondary Education Performance

see: Lt. Gov. Newsom and CA Forward folks on the lack of college grads in CA and economic outlook covered in a new report written by Patrick Callan.

the full report Boosting California’s Postsecondary Education Performance here

and a lunch went with it.

Private Route Answers?

PBS with two stories one on private support for 'DREAMers' and another where the private higher ed athletes can appeal to NLRB...

Funding for undocumented or underrepresented students in education? Some states now allow students who entered the U.S. illegally as children to pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities, but they are not eligible for federal financial aid. Jeffrey Brown talks to Carlos Gutierrez of Republicans for Immigration Reform and Henry Munoz of the Democratic National Committee about a private sector effort to help these scholars.

Also, this VERY good detailed interview on how student athletes at private universities attempt to access a perhaps more 'friendly to student athletes' policy/union rights via NLRB :

model, whose model?

Joe Matthews: CA to DC

the three segment heads present to CSU trustees

UC Regent Blum joins in purchase of the Claremont hotel . And, his wife Di-Fi comes up this morning here at SF Chron.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On the heels of UC Berkeley's Latest Title IX cycle of complaints

is this: Daily Cal update on the Tang Center

(you might remember it from this SJ Merc story. And HuffPo had more coverage, links on that story here.)
Sac Bee Editorial: No quick fix for troubling issues of race at University of California campuses

updated: a shock- on that breaking news today

update: (If some of the CA Dem Caucus hadn't made those moves to weaken the CPRA a few months ago it would be easier to believe their disgust aimed at their colleague) Sac Bee Darrell Steinberg to Leland Yee: Resign or be suspended
"He said while Yee is presumed innocent until proven guilty, the indictment itself is "sickening" and "surreal," comparing it to something out of a Hollywood movie. Yee would be stripped of his committee chairmanship and all of his committee assignments, Steinberg said.

"Leave," Steinberg told Yee, who is accused of conspiring to traffic in firearms and public corruption. "Don't burden your colleagues and this great institution with your troubles. Leave!"

Press Conference Video: here runs about 5 minutes

He did not take that tone with the other two cases initally...
here's comments he made before the presser:

Original Post:
simply: can't make sense of it. guess/hope as further coverage comes out it will be clearer. many at UC will likely scratch their heads. He has worked mostly with unions on multiple initiatives to bring transparency, whistleblower rights, equitable executive pay, pension changes/reform to UC. He is a current candidate for CA Secretary of State.

CBS local

SF Chron

SF Weekly

more ongoing updates here

abc local

nbc local

SJ Mercury News

LA Times

Sac Bee coverage more here and here






Contra Costa Times

SJ Merc with more

SCPR discussion of how it might affect the CA Leg

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UC's CFO Stepping Down- a few days from now (April)

LAT: UC financial chief leaving to head up educational foundation

(did he ever make that UC PATH presentation -on how its goin'- to the UC Regents? in closed session?)

Here is info on Napolitano on UC Path - health checks, end of March due date, end of 2014 due dates-- but there was a key due date back in July 2013- how much of that 6% contingency has been used up?

Bloomberg coverage

UCOP memo on Taylor resignation includes:
With this departure, the Finance Division will be placed temporarily under the direction of Executive Vice President Nathan Brostrom. During this period, we will undertake a full review of Business Operations and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer to determine the best structure for both divisions to ensure maximum effectiveness, efficiency, and support for the goals of the Office of the President.

This review process will be led by Cathy O’Sullivan and the new Business Operations chief of staff, and, to ensure appropriate campus input, will include three campus representatives. They will be joined by Meredyth Lacy of the President’s Executive Office. Our goal is to have this review completed by June 30.

Three campus reps for a 10 campus system?

more on his move to the "Upstart" Foundation here
btw On the President of the UC Regents- Gov. Brown:
NPR: Jerry Brown praised by Schwarzenegger
Is he the anti pol pol?
Like the anti pol who raised $20 million for re-election?

He appoints a political reporter as the state librarian..." the 24th state librarian, a $142,968-a-year post," and Cal Buzz with more on that development. FYI, remember the 'Napolitano at the PPIC' post (and for that matter Yudof, etc. at PPIC from earlier posts) - well, there is an intro to that event that someone with the last name Lucas makes as well-- turns out the new CA Librarian is her husband: Lucas, son of former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Malcolm Lucas, is also the husband of Donna Lucas, who runs a political public relations firm in Sacramento and is a former adviser to Republican governors. PS the video for the Napolitano PPIC talk is now available here -and a Lucas introduces her talk- so when the Gov. goes to speak to PPIC...

Read more here:

Maureen Dowd answers if he is still harsh on HRC and Bill? Palmy Days For Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown’s new push for high-speed rail: Get old people off the road

and, SF Chron
California seniors have highest poverty rate, study finds by Carolyn Jones

"We need to change the lexicon of our student-faculty relationships, which is to say that we need to be able to talk about the conditions in which we live and work."

See: Why Solidarity Is Important, Or, An Open Letter To UC Faculty and the 'just happened' that sometimes occur:

However, there are hidden mechanisms of intimidation and we all know what these may be: the infamous things which “just happen” (ie, TA appointments which “just happen” to go to someone else, a fellowship competition you “just happen” to lose, letters of recommendation which “just happen” to be poor ones). These things, the “just happens,” are terrifying and can make the prospect of approaching our faculty daunting.
Inside Higher Ed: Grad Student Debt Rising

see reports: Borrowing for College

an SF Chron article on it: California college borrower numbers soar
and their other reports:
The State of Latinos - in higher education in CA
The State of Blacks - in higher education in CA
also HuffPo:
Former President Carter on Title IX and admin behaviors
Minding the Workplace on getting to tolerance

Monday, March 24, 2014

Global Higher Ed Talks in TX and AZ -- Hillary, Jeb, others

Is it Irving? or Dallas?
Queens College Cambridge and Jeb Bush and former NC Gov Hunt chair and... some speakers with all the right ties to the 'right' hedge funds, NGOs- is that an overly cynical way to view it? Or, just accurate?
Anyway, attendance for the event is 'by invitation only', get a glimpse- HRC and Jeb Bush keynote speakers. Coverage here:HRC and Jeb Bush at a globalized education conference in Irving, Texas

Some l'il mini- video clips of some of the other talks available here. Funny how they encourage tech for instruction but they are extremely private about the event.
"Academics like to be right when they publish papers..." (Is that code for your stuff is theoretical- I'm/Admin doing the 'real' work?)

And, Cal's Chancellor Nicholas Dirks and Cal's AVC- Administration John Wilton also speakers at the Conference.
[fyi: Wilton's bio reads quite a bit different from the one the Cal PR put out when he first came to Cal : "John Wilton- Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance at the University of California at Berkeley John Wilton is the vice chancellor for administration and finance at the University of California at Berkeley. Prior to arriving at Berkeley, he served as the director of international research for Farallon Capital Management LLC, a global, multi-strategy, U.S.-based investment management firm. He was also an advisor on developments in the global economy to Hellman and Friedman LLC, a private investment company. Prior to joining Farallon, he worked for the World Bank for 24 years. At the Bank, he served in positions including chief financial officer, vice president for strategy, finance and risk management, and senior economist."] Hellman, Farallon, - those sound familiar right?

re: 'blending' the question is going to be what will the effect be for being at the physical TED talks?

Is anyone talking about this story there?: Tuition Fees: Former Tory Adviser Says Government Got Its Maths Wrong - Nick Hillman, Who Worked For David Willetts On Student Loans Regime, Calls For Action Over Looming University Funding Gap
Or, is some other group organizing 'The Maths Wrong for Higher Ed Conference'? Speakers?

side note see: the 4:00 mark here in an interview w/ Arianna Huffington (she is asked about HRC's comments): There is a section where it cuts to HRC recounting her own visit to Harvard as a prospective Harvard Law student - where she was told by a prominent prof that they don't have any nearest competitor (Yale) and 'don't need any more women'...circa early 1970's - what about today?
In AZ...
Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) 2014 - "The Future of Higher Education: Redefining Learning As We Know It"
-- vocational, technical, 'right skills training' over/in lieu of 4 year degrees-- brought up over and over in each session as a solution...

and, also in AZ: HuffPo mentions

"During a forum at the Clinton Global Initiative University, Clinton fielded a question from Vrinda Agrawal, a student at the University of California, Berkeley who asked, "If you don't represent women in politics in America as a future president, who will?" at around the 01:13:00 mark here:

Napolitano at PPIC today, more

Update: see this in LA Times for an important reference back to the UC Regents meetings: "As recently as the Jan. 22 meeting of the UC Board of Regents (of which he's a member ex officio) he pressed university officials to experiment with online education requiring no human interaction whatsoever--"a pure online course that, once it's in the can, it's almost perpetual motion."
Bless Brown's heart for thinking outside the box, but thank goodness that UC Provost Aimee Dorr was present to keep him tethered to Earth. "We want people to interact with each other," she told him. "They learn from that." Experience indicates, she said, that when students are utterly shut off from such interaction, they're "less happy and less engaged."


Description: The University of California is dedicated to keeping tuition "as low and predictable as possible," President Janet Napolitano said, adding that there will be no tuition increases this year. In a conversation with Mark Baldassare, present and CEO of the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), the UC president also talked about developing the university's connection to philanthropy and the private sector, the role of online learning, and improving the transfer process for community college students. Demographer Hans Johnson begins with a context for the discussion -he covers workforce skills gap and higher ed in CA.
for the Audio of her talk and q & a here

Reuters coverage of her talk here University of California's Napolitano joins skeptics over online courses

Capital Public Radio University of California President Napolitano Debunks Rumors of Tuition Hikes

Venture County Star: UC President Napolitano says tuition increase 'off the table' for next year

original post:
to find out what was said you have to jump through hoops here why? for an event description see this.
while there see: From Community College to University: Expectations for California’s New Transfer Degrees
Colleen Moore and Nancy Shulock

IHE Transfer Degrees Catch on in California

Ed Source on Strides and Snags

Napolitano will also be presenting at the CSU trustees meeting on Wednesday - fyi the three segments presentation again.

here video also on: CA Senate Informational Hearing on The Future of California Agricultural Education and UC Cooperative Extension

and see: video here of the CASenate Education Committee- they met on these items:
SB-840 Educational equity: local educational agency policies against bullying. Lara Senate - Education
SB-841 University of California: medical education. Cannella Senate - Education
SB-850 Public postsecondary education: community college districts: baccalaureate degree pilot program. Block Senate - Education
SB-967 Student safety: sexual assault. De León Senate - Education
SB-971 School finance: categorical programs. Cannella Senate - Education
SB-1007 Career technical education: expansion: local advisory committees. Wyland Senate - Education
SB-1008 Science education: science curriculum.

(you have to toggle to the start of the meetings.)

Follow Up On UCLA in that CNN Athlete Literacy Story

See: this CNN piece for the original coverage. Now: they posted an update to the story over the weekend as well. Also: GAP has more on detail on other aspects involving other schools here.

So: if you click on UCLA logo for findings here (they promised them in February but even into late Feb there was nothing displayed, now they have something) - it now displays this:
"University of California, Los Angeles

According to several academic experts, the threshold for being college literate is a score of 16 on the ACT, and a 400 on the SAT critical reading, or writing subtest.

The university provided 494 separated scores, separated by subject test. They did not break down scores by sport.

Of 106 ACT reading and English scores, 15 were below the threshold.

Of 388 SAT reading and writing scores, 58 were below the threshold.

CNN also compared the average athlete score to the average student admitted to the university.

The average athlete score on the SAT Reading was 489, on the SAT writing it was 482, and the average score on the ACT was 21.5.

According to, the average SAT reading score is a 619, and the average writing score is a 645. The average composite ACT score (which includes Math scores) for all admitted freshman at UCLA is 28.

University statement from Steve Ritea, associate director of university communications:

"This year, UCLA posted one of the highest graduation rates for student-athletes in the nation, with 87 percent earning their degrees - the most comprehensive measure of academic success by student-athletes. UCLA is dedicated to prioritizing academics within our athletics department and offers an extensive academic support program that begins during the recruiting process and extends all the way up through graduation and beyond. Every prospective recruit is thoroughly evaluated by a panel including members of our faculty, administrators in student affairs and the director of undergraduate admissions. That panel has the final word on every recruit. Those who accept offers of admission undergo comprehensive academic evaluations the summer before they enroll in classes here, letting us determine how much academic support they will need so that we can create individualized programs that will guide each of them toward graduation. Students in all 25 varsity athletic programs have access to - and, in many cases, are required to utilize - support in four key areas: academic counseling, which helps them determine course schedules and set academic goals; tutoring for courses as well as academic mentoring, which helps them develop good study habits and other learning strategies; orientation and graduation information; and programs that help them develop leadership skills and a dedication to community service. Each student-athlete's needs and their academic progress is closely monitored throughout their time at UCLA. In turn, every student-athlete is held accountable for living up to their responsibilities in the classroom. As a result, nearly half of all student-athletes at UCLA make the Athletic Director's Honor Roll each quarter, by earning a minimum 3.0 term grade point average in 12 or more academic units."

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tentatively Averted, Digitally Divided and Disparities, and Sunny Words with Cloudy Acts

more detail: Updates on AFSCME hospital contract
LA Times: UC hospital strike averted by tentative contract agreement

AFSCME 3299 President Kathryn Lybarger, in a statement, said the tentative agreement “reflects compromise on both sides, improves safety in UC hospitals, and honors the important contributions that patient care technical workers make to the UC health system every day. Our members are looking forward to ratifying this agreement, returning to work, and doing what they do best—caring for patients.”,0,3271156.story#ixzz2wq5O4s20

Daily Cal: Strike averted as UC and patient care workers union reach tentative contract agreement

the UCOP PR on the tentative AFSCME agreement to avert the upcoming strike
Remaking the University w/ From MOOCS To FEMTECHNET: A Review of the Berkeley Online Summit 2014 by John Scott, School of Education, UC Berkeley

it touches on the importance of net neutrality, too
SF Chron on Sacramento: A Sunshine Vote, Amid Very Cloudy Actions

Saturday, March 22, 2014

That Anita Hill Doc and UC -and what else happened this week...

Daily Cal coverage of the: documentary on UC Pres. Napolitano's then-client Anita Hill (Chas. Ogletree's client,too) -the documentary is on the SCOTUS Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, aftermath, and present day gender equity issues. It includes reference to Hill's short stint at Cal.

The trailer here:

and a NYT piece on it that includes: "Conservative state lawmakers wanted her fired; fortunately, she had tenure. Even years later, she felt “a discomfort,” she said. One dean confided that he had tired of hearing colleagues at other schools remark, “Isn’t that where Anita Hill is?”

So let's do mini-round-up-mash-up of recent Title IX pieces perused...
this AP piece from a week ago:
Felch's Dec. 7 article said Occidental College didn't disclose 27 alleged sex assaults in 2012, as it should have under a federal law requiring campuses to publish serious crime reports on or near campus. The Times said a review found that the incidents did not meet the law's disclosure requirements for a variety of reasons. The error was repeated in two subsequent stories, the Times said.

Go to this LAT for more clarity: in the Editor's note UPDATE!: Go to The Wrap coverage on this- important questions raised about the editors and also points out the relationships charts issues sometimes part of higher education coverage.

Should remember Felch also worked on: this story and wrote: Chasing Aphrodite- good read.

The errors only point to one aspect of the entire story. A fuller reminder from NYT- here.

Occidental is particularly interesting to watch b/c of followup like: this piece that shares some prof experiences, fallout.
And: this read (by a prof) touches down in different parts of the country and different Title IX experiences over two decades, see Ms.Mag: The Rusty Taste of Shame
Sexual violence followed me to my first faculty position at the University of Pittsburgh, where I took a job in a department that hadn’t yet tenured a woman. I was the second woman to be awarded tenure; the first quit her job shortly after being tenured because, as she tearfully told me in her office one afternoon, the climate was just too toxic. Three faculty members were having sex with graduate students in the department. I complained about the climate these relationships were creating, only to be told by one faculty member, “We can’t help who we fall in love with.” The remaining two women faculty members were in and out of senior administrators’ offices for over a year before going public with our complaints during an external review of the department. When one of the external reviewers wrote in her report that the “climate was dangerous for female graduate students,” the university responded by investigating the women who had complained. Along with the other remaining woman in the department, I left at the end of spring semester, fleeing rather than fighting for a Title IX lawsuit, at a point when lawyers advised us it was an uphill battle.
Do you understand what was communicated in this paragraph in this old CHE commentary?:

But they are forgetting that many victims want to fall through the cracks, at least initially. Title IX is intended to empower victims, not make them into observers who merely watch from the sidelines as administrators get carried away with resolving complaints that the victims never made.

'they are forgetting that many victims want to fall through the cracks, at least initially.'

That led to goin' to that author's association website- more confused by messages there, the site describes the profession -for which they have created an association- like this:
Title IX compliance is all over the map. Nearly 30 years after the Department of Education mandated that school districts and colleges designate Title IX Coordinators, we’re still not entirely sure what the appropriate role, functions and expectations of Coordinators are.

-comforting right?! How do you train for that work with that job description?

(Looked at the training sessions they hold in AZ and this interesting message they posted at the bottom of that page:

As you may know, last night Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the anti-gay discrimination bill passed by the Arizona legislature. We were watching that decision with our breath held because we planned our next Certification event over six months ago to be in Phoenix this coming September, not knowing they were about to take another dip in the deep end of the legislative crazy pool. Despite the financial hit to ATIXA, we were prepared to cancel the event to protest this deplorable discrimination. We needed to know whether to cancel our Phoenix event or open it for registration, but held off on deciding until Brewer acted. Last night, we decided to move forward despite torn feelings about hosting an anti-discrimination training in Arizona, given that the legislature would even pass such an offensive act. Brewer did the right thing to veto it, and in part, our decision to proceed with the conference is a thank you to the Arizona (and especially Phoenix) business community that lobbied heavily and in fact threatened Brewer with dire business consequences if she signed the law. While those businesses were protecting their financial interests, they were also making a statement that all customers are welcome and wanted in Arizona. ATIXA is one of those customers, and so will you be, if you attend. During the Arizona event, ATIXA will introduce and publicize a statement condemning the Arizona legislature for its bigotry, and asking that Arizona add sexual orientation and gender-identity to its state-protected classes. We know that some of you will not feel comfortable coming to Phoenix, and we respect and understand that. We hope that you will join us in Phoenix and add your voices of protest to ours. We won’t ever consider an Arizona location again until they change their laws. Not doing the wrong thing is not the same as doing the right thing.

--Six months ago...wonder what former AZ Gov. Napolitano can make of that statement.

While we're at it see this WSJ on 'lower tiered parts of UC' : "Prop. 209 has shown that there are other ways to increase black and Hispanic enrollment than racial preferences. For instance, the University of California grants the top 9% of students in each high-school class automatic admission, though not necessarily to their first school choice. Blacks and Hispanics are now more likely to enroll at lower-tier campuses, but they graduate at higher rates."

and OC Register with this: “I remember how there was a myth even as I was applying to college that my ethnicity would disadvantage me in getting into UC,” said Chen, a 22-year-old who serves on the board of UCI’s Asian Pacific Student Association.)
Maybe other kinds of training etc. need to be created in California for California-- and, maybe there could be a Vital Dialogue on it (deadline to apply for grants March 31?, 2014)-- talks, trainings, lectures, townhalls on Title IX, (Yudof should have left more than six figures) -- because it looks like layers and layers of confusion around tackling the the detriment of all.

Or, maybe a Title IX 'compact at Chez Panisse' could be created... if that's the way things are really done.
The full Rand Paul thing here (he mentions US Senator Bernie Sanders, VT at the beginning, it would be good to see Sanders give a talk at Cal as well -- equal time.):

Hardball's Chris Matthews sometimes does university and college based broadcasts for his show during election years, but Hardball has not held one at Cal (or UC?), yet. Fun to listen to him talk about what he thinks UC Berkeley 'was' and might 'be' in the present day, and wonder what the Paul visits (remember Doe Library?) might or might not portend- re: Berkeley and Millenials. Maybe he should pay a visit, talk to students- right? He also brings up Lewinsky- and raises a point in the video clip that begs the question: if you bring up Lewinsky - is it the same as bringing up Anita Hill?
Just to take his point further-- is it appropriate/fair game/normal nat'l politics to make it an issue to be addressed in any future potential Hillary campaign? And, if Hill has to answer for Bill then does Rand have to answer for Ron?

This story of a Cal prof suicide resulting in potential hazard concerns-- it broke during the regents' sessions. Is there a need for services for emeriti profs? What about UC's female emeriti faculty specifically, how are they doing as a group?
This latest on the UNC whistle-blower retaliation?, academic fraud?, athlete literacy, etc.
On the UC side of important athletics stories, there's the weddings and the linemen
Other miscellaneous headaches:
The seismic headache and Mine Shaft History on Cal campus more on that here.
A headache for/via UCSF...

And, once again, the regents on med centers and salaries, the regents on potential tuition increases soon, the regents on campus climate report.

The President of the UC Regents- Gov. Brown- gets this response on controversial new CA water moves: "You've launched your war; we'll fight the battle," said Rep. John Garamendi, D-Fairfield. and dealing with this revelation and the fracking opposition and that big housing story last week and the comments on pot heads 'old folks' to try to advance the choo-choo, ugh. Looks like he wants to accomplish 'big, new' things as the legacy - but maybe 'fix existing' things is the legacy folks want most?
Now, Slate: "Lipstick and Nail Files Won’t Draw Women Into Science"

- it never ends.

Friday, March 21, 2014

"Because the 91.2 percent raise in the first year exceeds the 30 percent allowed under UC rules, it required approval from the Board of Regents, who discussed it during closed session and passed it without objection."

Sac Bee: UCLA Assistant Football Coach Gets Massive Raise
Adrian Klemm currently earns $340,000. In an effort to keep him from leaving for rival USC, the university offered him a two-year contract guaranteeing that he will receive $650,000 in 2014-15 and $750,000 in 2015-16. see their post for other UC Regents compensation actions this week.
also see: AM Alert: CA Assembly committee explores racial biases on college campuses

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Edible Schoolyard at UC System-wide? Compacts at Chez Panisse

yes, Compacts At Chez Panisse- this latest: University of California Wants to Bring Edible Schoolyards to Campus
On Monday night, chef and food activist Alice Waters made a big announcement: the University of California, on her advice, is planning a major initiative to address problems in food and farming. It will involve all 10 UC campuses and extend across California and around the globe. In part, it will be modeled on Waters' famous Edible Schoolyard project at a middle school in Berkeley, which serves as a model for programs in other schools across the country that put the growing and cooking of food at the center of their academic curricula.

She may have spoken a bit too soon, though.

Waters made the announcement in front of about 500 people on the UC Berkeley campus during one of a special set of courses on food issues sponsored by the Edible Schoolyard and run by Michael Pollan and Raj Patel. She told the crowd about a dinner she hosted in January at her Chez Panisse restaurant attended by Janet Napolitano, the UC president and former Director of Homeland Security, and several campus chancellors. Waters spent some time pleading with them to take a more central role in directing the global conversation about food.

At one point, according to Waters, Napolitano dramatically stood up and declared that she intended to do just was Waters was asking. A “compact” was written up and passed around to the chancellors, who each run their campuses with a great degree of autonomy. “They all signed it,” she said.

Waters might have jumped the gun with her announcement, though. On Tuesday, university officials seemed surprised and worried that word had gotten out.

looks like UCOP at first tries to drum it down and then...

About an hour later, Peter King, Napolitano’s director of media relations, owned up: There is an initiative being planned, and it’s a big one, though details are vague so far. He said that a formal announcement, with at least some details, would be forthcoming in a matter of weeks. In general terms, the initiative will involve “not only our own food practices,” he said, referring to things like sourcing campus cafeterias with locally produced items, but also “exporting our research to address what many people think of as the most important issue the planet is facing” — the problems and challenges posed by the current food system. It will involve all 10 UC campuses, which include UCLA, Berkeley, and UC Davis, the latter of which is one of the top agriculture schools in the nation.

And, like the Edible Schoolyard, the initiative will likely involve academic curricula, perhaps putting food at the center of courses outside of ag- and food-oriented classes. It will be, King said, “soup to nuts in the world of food and farming. This will be big.”

Read the article at Modern Farmer

Napolitano said at the UC Regents meeting that she has an announcement planned in April...

and once again the Daily Bruin article on her ANR changes. So, what is ANR about, who knows - see their links here?

Compacts at Chez Panisse- who needs UC Regents meetings?!

Slashing UC Med? and Burning Campus Climate Talk

The slash: UC Medical Centers Plan To Slash Up To $150 Million From Annual Budgets
The burn: this post on the cost and warnings in advance on the UC campus climate surveys discussed here

The Regents sounded defensive, hot and so defensive about the campus climate results coverage this morning.

Regent Pattiz made a comment about how news media could have talked about the other 75% of UC folks who felt 'comfortable'. Is that what can be inferred by the campus climate survey results? Then, Pattiz said maybe the comfort level is related to the grades students are getting...haha...funny right?

You can view the campus climate results for each campus: here.

And, there were a few passing references to the wonderful public comment from an old one-day UC Regent meeting and visit to the LLNL a while back. It was considered wonderful public comment (and so much better quality public comment) because... there was nothing negative said-- that was the gist of what the outgoing lab Director and Chair Varner said about UC public comment. Don't they get that public comment is not for the purpose of passing compliments among mutual admiration society members?

The Labs are extraordinary- in many ways- but they are not exactly the quintessential public space...

btw: UC closing in on naming new Lawrence Livermore Lab director
confirmed: POTUS to speak at the UC Irvine commencement

and the Vice POTUS gets less than stellar reviews from one of Napolitano's old clients. Wonder would Napolitano agree on the negative review of the VP in that case, and how has that experience informed her process in dealing with UC and Title IX?

Also, Napolitano mentioned today that she was reinstituting the old structure for Agriculture and Natural Resources reporting - now it is back to UC Pres. -So,- tried to find out more but all the links on the 'about us' page for ANR send error messages...

The President of the UC Regents - Gov. Brown- did not attend this month's UC Regents meeting.

The next UC Regents meeting will take place in May and held in Sacramento. The Regents want the students there to lobby for more funding for UC. In fact, the only animated exchange the UC Regents seemed to engage in with students concerned the upcoming Sacto advocacy. No acknowledgment that many students complained in public comment and while they were presenting to the regents that 1-they had finals this week and 2-that they were dissatisfied that the UC Regents regularly hold all meetings at UCSF- a campus that does not have an undergraduate population. None of the regents addressed the students statements about how the conflict in schedule affects their finals and participation in the UC Regents meetings. So, the tuition hikes were conveniently raised as major discussion for this month's meeting. Nice how that works...kinda like 'on call protestors' right?
You can watch what happened at the UC Regents meeting today on archive video here - toggle past the blue seal 'check back later' message, and then toggle past the gold seal to the 01:57:00 mark - it is fun to hunt around for this stuff, right?

UC Regents Meet Today, March 20

view: agenda items and ways to view, listen here

Thursday, March 20

8:30 am Committee Finance (Regents only session) (pdf)
9:15 am Committee on Health Services (Regents only session) (pdf)
9:30 am Committee on Governance (Regents only session) (pdf)
9:35 am Committee Compensation (Regents only session) (pdf)
9:45 am Committee Compensation (closed session) (pdf)
10:00 am Board (Regents only session) (pdf)
10:10 am Committee of the Whole (open session - public comment session) (pdf)
10:30 am Committee on Health Services (open session) (pdf)
11:15 am Committee on Oversight of the DOE Laboratories (open session) (pdf)
11:30 am Committee on Compensation (open session) (pdf)
12:00 pm Board (open session) (pdf)
Times indicated and order of business subject to change
see: UCLA Fac Blog has posted coverage and audio of the UC Regents Feb 27th investments committee meeting, here and also see a catch up on pension and affirmative action post- esp. the news video on affirmative action included.
and while waitin' for a rare UC Regents open session today, there's:
Fortune Magazine's article: The Hidden College Problem: When Universities, Not Just Students, Take On Debt

"Researchers Charlie Eaton and Jacob Habinek of the University of California – Berkeley found that borrowing goes above and beyond simply replacing public disinvestment. They showed that more borrowed money goes to fund “amenities” projects rather than education-related projects. (Their latest findings and data will be released in the coming month). Universities are making the bet that they can build new sources of revenue: rather than put funds into education, they are investing in areas with potential income streams. New buildings like medical centers, sports stadiums, or dorms can bring in fees and sales, regardless of educational value – and therefore create "...

(h/t Remaking the University)

see the 02:23:00 mark here of video from the UC Regents meeting
but then
also, once again see the video section at the 03:17:30 mark and fyi UC Regent De La Pena speaks and just for some history De La Pena headed up a major fixes to the operations of UC student health clinics, he is pretty astute and he looks major pi$$ed over being 'taken aback'... and Regent M says the same. They work on this for two years and not a peep until the UC Regents finance committee meeting? wow.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Corporations Are People-- w/ the best research, outcomes?

or, a mixed bag -see: the Cal PR piece Corporate-funded academic inventions spur increased innovation, analysis says
Nature article Industry-funded academic inventions boost innovation

Updated - UC Regents Meet Today, March 19

Update IV a nice headline but what about the estimated $100 million debt inherited in the deal that Regents De La Pena and Makarechian said today they weren't told about here at the 03:17:30 mark in video here:

anyway, the nice feel good story that doesn't talk about the regents surprise is here at Inside Bay Area piece Children's Hospital Oakland finds safe harbor under UC San Francisco

UC San Francisco now will be ultimately be responsible for Children's finances. Its medical center is clearly the senior partner in the agreement. Children's four top executives now are university employees,

Update III Coverage of today's UC Regents meeting:
Sac Bee: University of California regents debate lifting tuition freeze

San Jose Merc: University of California challenges highlighted in survey of student, employee experiences

AP: UC survey reveals attitudes on campus diversity

You can watch video archive of today's meeting sessions here
Update II 2pm pst they have posted the video archive of the morning session here

they are currently in live session here
Update I: at 12:15pm PST The UC Regents broke for lunch in a weird way- Chair Varner and the secretary to the regents made it seem as though they are in closed session for the rest of the day- maybe they are- then Chair Varner said return from lunch at 1:30pm PST- but this is the current posted schedule:
Wednesday, March 19

8:30 am Committee of the Whole (open session - includes public comment session) (pdf)
9:30 am Committee on Educational Policy (open session) (pdf)
10:15 am Committee on Finance (open session) (pdf)
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Committee on Grounds and Buildings (open session) (pdf)
3:00 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (open session) (pdf)
4:30 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (Regents only session) (pdf)

Once the archive is available it would be good to see the section on the UCSF Childrens Hospital item where Regent De La Pena and Regent Makarechian raised some good questions about why the UC Regents health committee seemed to be baited? into a deal in Health committee and then the deal was switched? for around $100 million dollars in Finance committee- that was the tenor- very troubling section of the meeting, but still the vote went forward. Regent M had to raise his objection to the change given his earlier comments about state funding, pensions, and tuition hikes... Are votes ever recorded with a record of how each regent voted on an item? There were no "no" votes and no abstentions on that vote. Some UC Regents were not in the meeting room or they were absent. Are absences of UC Regents recorded?

The Climate Survey Report results are now live -see: - but the report findings are a mystery still to many of the Regents and everyone else. So, the results will likely receive coverage over the next few weeks. Some regents said they needed to read the report findings still. It was interesting to hear the regents ask questions on the process of the survey development and protocols after the fact today. They now want a breakdown of the data in a manner they did not make contingent as part of the funding for the survey. Other regents raised concerns about the lack of participation in survey responses particularly by undergrad student population. Staff participated at a 50% rate- but what parts of the staff participated most? Student regent raised concerns about LGBTQ population and underrepresented minority (URM) population receiving support at the system-wide level to address climate since those climate issues are persistent and already known. The student regent designate raised very good points about the lack of discussion about climate as it relates to student-administrator and student-facutly interactions when protests, or hotly debated topics arise. It was refreshing to hear those important points raised. She also mentioned an incident during the Birgeneau era to illustrate.

The Edley Robinson report also received follow up. Part of the panel that presented to the regents were senior admin who were unfamiliar with Bagley Keene previously...remember this?

Once again, check back for the archive link of this section of the UC Regents meeting.

Original Post
view: agenda items and ways to view listen here
SF Bay Guardian: Sexual Assault Survivors Seek Reform At The University of California
Akerloff and Yellen in this WaPo piece

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

CSU 's Student 'Success Fees' now at San Diego State. Next Dominguez Hills? Then where?

see LAT article on San Diego State student success fee developments here

not UC, but, remember:

Sac Bee: UC Davis Student Fees Are Highest In State System
Open means open right? IHE If a MOOC instructor moves who keeps intellectual property rights?

Round Up In Advance Of This Week's UC Regents Meeting

Daily Bruin: Measure On Affirmative Action Not To Be On Calif. Ballot

Daily Bruin series on Malawi

they also do an overview of UC Regent agenda items for this week's meetings
UCR Highlander News: Cancelled Heat Concert Cost Nearly $600,000
and an editorial to go along with it
New University News: UCI Student Activists Face Conduct Charges
City On A Hill Press UCSC Mass Sea Star Death Leaves Researchers Perplexed
Mysterious pathogen endangers livelihood of sea star populations on the Pacific coast

Next Ex Officio UC Regent and

the new CA Assembly Speaker announced- Tony Atkins
the $320+ million dollar rumpus room, or great room or gift wrapping room, or mud room or...Sproul Plaza East. see: New campus gateway emerging at Memorial Stadium and now sf chron -mem. stadium adds two non sports tenants --acad departments are moving over to the stadium?

Monday, March 17, 2014

'Largest' Headaches, and Oy!

CCSF VIDEO: Protest At State's Largest College Turns Violent
North America's Largest Housing Co-Op Loses Battle At UC Berkeley on Cloyne
and Remaking the University with this new post on recent surprising events at UCSB

Raising Good Points

See: Cal football: Bill Tyndall A Plaintiff In NCAA Antitrust Lawsuit

Associated Press: Lawsuit Declares NCAA An 'Unlawful Cartel' That llegally Restricts Athlete Earning Power

and, "Former UCLA basketball player Ed O'Bannon has led a long-running legal battle against the NCAA over, among other things, the unauthorized use of college athletes' likenesses in video games."

that middle class Blue and Gold plan- again not part of the comments here

in this alumni op ed: For Parents and Children, a UC Chain Is Broken

Our kids say it’s all about the kind of college experience they wanted – and didn’t want. For years, they’ve heard cautionary tales about the challenges of being an undergraduate in the teeming UC system, from the inability to get into necessary classes to the 500-student lecture halls, inaccessible professors and struggles to get help from overburdened teaching assistants.

-it ends like this
Perhaps it’s that nurturing multigenerational loyalty is important, especially if UC ever hopes to grow bigger endowments as a cushion for lean budget times. For our family, it means the chain is broken, and the peeling Cal bumper sticker may soon be gone for good.

Daily Cal UC President Janet Napolitano talks diversity, online education (she also did this l'il Q & A w/ Sac Bee) and this coverage of: her advocacy and Grad Research Day in Sacto

Also see their overview of some of the UC Regents agenda items for later this week
SF Chron Editorial California Should Fix College Affirmative Action Law

The proposition was born in an era when preferences and quotas were fresh in mind and the electorate and campuses were largely white. A fear of losing classroom slots to black and Latino students powered the success of the measure.

In the wake of Prop. 209, both the expected - a drop in black students - and the unexpected - a jump in Asian American students - have occurred. White students are now underrepresented on University of California campuses.

In Sacramento, these tensions are being felt too. The measure's author, Sen. Ed Hernandez, D-West Covina (Los Angeles County), had aimed for the fall ballot this year. But he may push it back to 2016 to build public awareness and overcome worries among colleagues deluged by protests from Asian American voters opposed to a change that might dilute their college numbers.

That ol' tune

Higher - for some

Sac Bee: UC Davis Student Fees Are Highest In State System

also recall: UC Davis Student Debt Art Exhibit Removed from campus within hours...

Daily Cal: UC Academic Employees To Receive 3 Percent Salary Increase
an excerpt: written by some alums A Sliver of Light - Fiat Lux

Saturday, March 15, 2014

5 Day Strike By AFSCME Patient Care Workers at UC

see Daily Cal: UC Patient Care Workers Call Five Day Strike
With 97 percent approval in its Wednesday and Thursday strike authorization vote, the union representing about 13,000 patient care workers notified the university of their plan to hold a five-day strike from March 24 to 28.

The strike is planned in response to alleged unfair labor practice on the part of the university, including health benefit cuts, the imposition of contract terms and, most recently, the introduction of an emergency layoff clause into the contract proposal, a clause the union calls a “poison pill.”

and there's UC statement on it

If you watch the public comment here in this meeting in Sacramento (where Napolitano made a presentation w/ CSU and CCC) you can hear some of the origins of what UC calls the 'cycle of conflict' from AFSCME at the 02:25:35 employees' stories about having to train unqualified subcontractors, low wages, number of employees eligible for public assistance programs while working for UC etc. One of the committee members also asked specifically about the looming strike and about ongoing negotiations in the question and answer section of the meeting as well.

UC previously said that it costs UC $10 million each day of strike.
NYT story and this WSJ story on some disturbing CA moves-- where did the $ go, what to? Many UC families affected by it - but did the $ go to UC, restoration of higher ed funding at that time? Complicated.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Revised UC Regents Agenda Items For Next Week's Meetings

can be: viewed here- they have now added a session on selection of the UC 'Student Regent' position and revised a session in Finance Committee see below

remember: they meet next week
They make you click all over the place to find the session info- so visit their site for the embedded links, attachments
and also remember "Times indicated and order of business subject to change" up to the very last minute. (a feed for updates on revision to agenda items or notifications for when the post them would be nice - but...)

Wednesday, March 19

8:30 am Committee of the Whole (open session - includes public comment session) (pdf)
9:30 am Committee on Educational Policy (open session) (pdf)
Amendment on Fundraising Policy
Campus Climate Study Findings Presentation - includes a link where results will be posted
10:15 am Committee on Finance (open session) (pdf)
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of January 22, 2014

F1 Discussion Update on the University of California 2014-15 Budget

F2 Action Approval of New Professional Degree Supplemental
Tuition for the Master of Science in Biomedical and
Translational Science, Irvine Campus

F3 Action Conforming Amendment of the 2014-15 Budget for State Capital
Improvements and Approval of External Financing under
Funding Mechanism AB 94 for the 2013-14 and 2014-15
State Capital Program

F4 Action/ Approval of Participation in the Thirty-Meter Telescope
Consent Construction and Operation

F5 Discussion Update Regarding Implementation of the Robinson/Edley Report
on Response to Protest on University of California Campuses

F6 Action Authorization to Retire and Refund Existing Tax-Exempt Debt
Obligations for the Children’s Hospital of Oakland by the UCSF
Health System, San Francisco Campus
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Committee on Grounds and Buildings (open session) (pdf)
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of January 22, 2014

GB1 Action Approval of the Budget and Approval of External Financing,
Tolman Hall Seismic Replacement, Berkeley Campus

GB22 Action Conforming Amendment of the 2014-15 Budget for State
Capital Improvements

GB3 Action Approval of Preliminary Plans Funding, Biological and Physical
Sciences Building, San Diego Campus

GB4 Action Approval of the Budget and Approval of Standby Financing and
Interim Financing, Engineering VI – Phase 2, Los Angeles
3:00 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (open session) (pdf)
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of January 23, 2014

A1 Action Approval of External Audit Plan for the Year Ending
June 30, 2014

A2 Action Amendment of Internal Audit Charter

A3 Discussion Trends in Information Technology Risk

A4 Discussion University of California Information Technology Update and

A5 Discussion Internal Audit Activities Report

A6 Discussion Ethics and Compliance Activities Report
4:30 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (Regents only session) (pdf)
Agenda – Closed Session – Regents Only

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of November 12, 2013

A7(XX) Discussion Compliance and Audit Personnel Matters

A8(XX) Discussion Pending Litigation

Thursday, March 20

8:30 am Committee Finance (Regents only session) (pdf)
Agenda – Closed Session – Regents Only2

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of January 23, 2014

F7(XX) Action Authority to Indemnify Entities Associated with the Acquisition of
Property in San Francisco, San Francisco Campus

Action Approval of Ground Lease Business Terms for Renovation of
Bowles Hall, Berkeley Campus

F9(XX) Action Recommendation for Board Action: Regents v. Lexington
Insurance Company – Proposed Settlement – Insurance Claim –
San Francisco

F10(XX) Discussion Appellate, Trial Court Developments and Updates
9:15 am Committee on Health Services (Regents only session) (pdf)
Agenda – Closed Session – Regents Only

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of November 13, 2013

H1(XX) Action Acquisition of Primary Care Group by UCLA Health, Los
Angeles Campus
9:30 am Committee on Governance (Regents only session) (pdf)
Agenda – Closed Session – Regents Only

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of July 17, 2013

G1(XX) Action/Consent

A. Appointment of Regents to Standing Committees
B. Appointment of Member to the Investment Advisory Group
9:35 am Committee Compensation (Regents only session) (pdf)
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meetings of January 23, 2014

C1(XX) Discussion Salary Adjustment for Laboratory Director,
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

C2(XX) Discussion Appointment of and Compensation for
Interim Chancellor, Irvine Campus

C3(XX) Discussion Appointment of and Compensation for Interim Secretary and
Chief of Staff to The Regents
9:45 am Committee Compensation (closed session) (pdf)
Agenda – Closed Session2

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of January 23, 2014

C4(X) Discussion Consent items – individual compensation actions (action will
take place in Committee on Compensation open session)

Non-State-Funded Positions

A. Salary Adjustments for Deputy Laboratory Director and
Associate Laboratory Director, Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory

B. Amendment of Contract Compensation for Assistant
Football Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics, Los Angeles

C5(X) Discussion Collective Bargaining Matters
10:00 am Board (Regents only session) (pdf)
Agenda – Closed Session – Regents Only2
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of January 23, 2014
Reports of Committees:
FXX Report: Action Committee on Finance
HXX Report: Action Committee on Health Services
Officers’ and President’s Reports:
Personnel Matters
10:10 am Committee of the Whole (open session - public comment session) (pdf)
Agenda – Open Session
Public Comment Period (20 minutes)
10:30 am Committee on Health Services (open session) (pdf)
Agenda – Open Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of January 22, 2014
H2 Discussion Scale for Value: Briefing on the UC Health Clinical Enterprise
11:15 am Committee on Oversight of the DOE Laboratories (open session) (pdf)
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of January 22, 2014

O1 Discussion Update on the Department of Energy Laboratories

O2 Action Resolution to Exclude Access to Federal Classified Information

11:30 am Committee on Compensation (open session) (pdf)
Agenda – Open Session

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meetings of January 23, 2014

C1 Action Approval of Salary Adjustment for Laboratory Director,
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as Discussed in
Regents Only Session

C2 Action Approval of Compensation for Interim Chancellor, Irvine Campus
as Discussed in Regents Only Session

C3 Action Approval of Appointment of and Compensation for Interim
Secretary and Chief of Staff to The Regents as Discussed in
Regents Only Session

Action/ Approval of Individual Compensation Actions as Discussed in
Consent Closed Session

C6 Action Revisions to the Market Reference Zones for Senior Management
Group Compensation
12:00 pm Board (open session) (pdf)
Agenda – Open Session

Roll Call

Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of January 23 and the Meetings of the Committee of
the Whole of January 22 and 23, 2014

Report of the President

Resolutions in Appreciation

B Report: Action Appointment of Interim Chancellor, Irvine Campus

Reports of Committees:
A Report: Action Committee on Compliance and Audit
C Report: Action Committee on Compensation
E Report: Action Committee on Educational Policy
F Report: Action Committee on Finance
G Report: Action Committee on Governance
GB Report: Action Committee on Grounds and Buildings
O Report: Action Committee on Oversight of the DOE Laboratories

Unfinished Business
GG Report: Action Approval of Amendment of Standing Order 100.4

Officers’ and President’s Reports:
Report of Interim and Concurrence Actions
Report of Communications Received
Report of Materials Mailed Between Meetings

*Times indicated and order of business subject to change

Gov Brown appoints CSU Trustees, Call for UC Care Stories, more

see: detail of the CSU appointments here in this article

see: a call for UC Care stories -from those in that program- here

and for a story on opposition to repeal of affirmative action ban see this story

Thursday, March 13, 2014

With each layer

it gets more troubling - see HuffPo's Tyler Kingkade's article: Systemic Flaws Keep Some With History Of Sexual Violence On UC-Berkeley Campus
and while there, Shahien Nasiripour has: Student Loan Borrowers Win As Education Department Reverses Course
The Aggie has several articles of interest
for another view of online experience: Online Courses Expand Opportunities for Students

UC Davis Grounds Division removes student debt art exhibit, mistakes it for vandalism

Ombuds Office opens to students

Dirks at Commonwealth Club (and archive Reich talk, too)

on Wednesday night, will post coverage here later if: they post an archive in video, or audio or... There is: Daily Cal coverage of his Commonwealth speech here.
for now, there's his recent speeches abroad and at Harvard:

Dirks in Davos, he mentions his upcoming April trips to China and UC advocacy there.

his talk at Harvard South Asia Institute 10th Anniversary Celebration

where a Cal alum introduces Dirks by talking about Berkeley as a great university, great potential with lots of problems - it also includes talk about 'security studies' and questions posed (at 1:15:00 mark) to him on how faculty should best approach administration for funding of programs- it leads into him talking at length (at 1:22:35 to be specific) about his exchanges with CA Gov. Jerry Brown, the liberal arts on MOOCs, and nightmares...:
remember "i finally agreed to come" -after the prop 30 efforts.
Moody's downgrades...Bloomberg- the biggest U.S. system combining education, research and health care, was cut one level"
Reich 'Inequality for All' Talk from last Fall at the SF Commonwealth Club now on video: