Saturday, March 15, 2014

5 Day Strike By AFSCME Patient Care Workers at UC

see Daily Cal: UC Patient Care Workers Call Five Day Strike
With 97 percent approval in its Wednesday and Thursday strike authorization vote, the union representing about 13,000 patient care workers notified the university of their plan to hold a five-day strike from March 24 to 28.

The strike is planned in response to alleged unfair labor practice on the part of the university, including health benefit cuts, the imposition of contract terms and, most recently, the introduction of an emergency layoff clause into the contract proposal, a clause the union calls a “poison pill.”

and there's UC statement on it

If you watch the public comment here in this meeting in Sacramento (where Napolitano made a presentation w/ CSU and CCC) you can hear some of the origins of what UC calls the 'cycle of conflict' from AFSCME at the 02:25:35 employees' stories about having to train unqualified subcontractors, low wages, number of employees eligible for public assistance programs while working for UC etc. One of the committee members also asked specifically about the looming strike and about ongoing negotiations in the question and answer section of the meeting as well.

UC previously said that it costs UC $10 million each day of strike.
NYT story and this WSJ story on some disturbing CA moves-- where did the $ go, what to? Many UC families affected by it - but did the $ go to UC, restoration of higher ed funding at that time? Complicated.

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