Wednesday, March 26, 2014

updated: a shock- on that breaking news today

update: (If some of the CA Dem Caucus hadn't made those moves to weaken the CPRA a few months ago it would be easier to believe their disgust aimed at their colleague) Sac Bee Darrell Steinberg to Leland Yee: Resign or be suspended
"He said while Yee is presumed innocent until proven guilty, the indictment itself is "sickening" and "surreal," comparing it to something out of a Hollywood movie. Yee would be stripped of his committee chairmanship and all of his committee assignments, Steinberg said.

"Leave," Steinberg told Yee, who is accused of conspiring to traffic in firearms and public corruption. "Don't burden your colleagues and this great institution with your troubles. Leave!"

Press Conference Video: here runs about 5 minutes

He did not take that tone with the other two cases initally...
here's comments he made before the presser:

Original Post:
simply: can't make sense of it. guess/hope as further coverage comes out it will be clearer. many at UC will likely scratch their heads. He has worked mostly with unions on multiple initiatives to bring transparency, whistleblower rights, equitable executive pay, pension changes/reform to UC. He is a current candidate for CA Secretary of State.

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