Friday, March 28, 2014

Almost 1 Billion and a Beacon

Reuters: University of California debt tops U.S. municipal bond calendar
The University of California institutions were long considered a point of pride in the Golden State, but California's years-long budget battles caused funding for the system to fall and its operations to suffer.

Business Week: the raining day fund and other issues for Pres. of the UC Regents Gov. Brown-- "Corruption Charges Against California Democrats Are Making Jerry Brown's Job a Whole Lot Harder"

U. Penn.: Napolitano to receive Beacon Award at Penn. in April
“Janet Napolitano has been a leader in improving women’s lives and in advancing education, from early childhood through college, as a way to make a profound impact on people’s lives,” said Penn Provost Vince Price, who will make the Beacon Award presentation.

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