Thursday, March 20, 2014

Edible Schoolyard at UC System-wide? Compacts at Chez Panisse

yes, Compacts At Chez Panisse- this latest: University of California Wants to Bring Edible Schoolyards to Campus
On Monday night, chef and food activist Alice Waters made a big announcement: the University of California, on her advice, is planning a major initiative to address problems in food and farming. It will involve all 10 UC campuses and extend across California and around the globe. In part, it will be modeled on Waters' famous Edible Schoolyard project at a middle school in Berkeley, which serves as a model for programs in other schools across the country that put the growing and cooking of food at the center of their academic curricula.

She may have spoken a bit too soon, though.

Waters made the announcement in front of about 500 people on the UC Berkeley campus during one of a special set of courses on food issues sponsored by the Edible Schoolyard and run by Michael Pollan and Raj Patel. She told the crowd about a dinner she hosted in January at her Chez Panisse restaurant attended by Janet Napolitano, the UC president and former Director of Homeland Security, and several campus chancellors. Waters spent some time pleading with them to take a more central role in directing the global conversation about food.

At one point, according to Waters, Napolitano dramatically stood up and declared that she intended to do just was Waters was asking. A “compact” was written up and passed around to the chancellors, who each run their campuses with a great degree of autonomy. “They all signed it,” she said.

Waters might have jumped the gun with her announcement, though. On Tuesday, university officials seemed surprised and worried that word had gotten out.

looks like UCOP at first tries to drum it down and then...

About an hour later, Peter King, Napolitano’s director of media relations, owned up: There is an initiative being planned, and it’s a big one, though details are vague so far. He said that a formal announcement, with at least some details, would be forthcoming in a matter of weeks. In general terms, the initiative will involve “not only our own food practices,” he said, referring to things like sourcing campus cafeterias with locally produced items, but also “exporting our research to address what many people think of as the most important issue the planet is facing” — the problems and challenges posed by the current food system. It will involve all 10 UC campuses, which include UCLA, Berkeley, and UC Davis, the latter of which is one of the top agriculture schools in the nation.

And, like the Edible Schoolyard, the initiative will likely involve academic curricula, perhaps putting food at the center of courses outside of ag- and food-oriented classes. It will be, King said, “soup to nuts in the world of food and farming. This will be big.”

Read the article at Modern Farmer

Napolitano said at the UC Regents meeting that she has an announcement planned in April...

and once again the Daily Bruin article on her ANR changes. So, what is ANR about, who knows - see their links here?

Compacts at Chez Panisse- who needs UC Regents meetings?!

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