Monday, March 3, 2014

Everything comes back to Napolitano on Snowden...and UC.

see this from Berkeley blog: understand the meaning of all of our communications: the identities of the people with whom we collaborate, the compounds of drugs we are testing, the next big thing we are inventing, etc. Imagine the creative product of all of Berkeley combined, scanned by a single company’s “free” email system.
...could intercept Airbears traffic and read your emails and monitor your browsing activity. We have outsourced our email and documents to a company that believes that technical might equals right.
by Chris Hoofnagle, Director of BCLT at Berkeley Law.
Yes, as this is written on blogger - the irony- or maybe just a sense of despair(?) about a power to stop it.
Do you remember Napolitano on Snowden?

Napolitano has not made any comment on the many recent news accounts of various UC whistle-blower cases, yet. It would be good to hear from her on them. Nothing that gives clear indicators of her own moral compass on how she views them- but she was eager to talk about Snowden. She could talk about this aspect of UC in a general sense, she does not have to get into particulars... it seems a good time.
During the holidays... that scene in The Sound of Music where Christopher Plummer's Capt Von Trapp (in italics) and Herr Zeller have this exchange:

You never answered the telegram. . .

. . .from the Admiral of the Navy of the Third Reich.

I was under the impression, Herr Zeller. . .

. . .that the contents of telegrams in Austria are private!

At least, the Austria I know.

I have my orders. . .

. . .to take you to Bremerhaven tonight. . .

. . .where you will accept your commission.

I'm afraid that's going to be quite impossible.

You see, we. . .

. . .all of us, the entire family, will be. . .

. . .singing in the festival tonight.

Wanna see 'The Lady in Room 6, Music Saved My Life'. ('music is in the first place of art' -- take that Oscars hoopla! (The documentary won an Oscar last night.)

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