Monday, March 24, 2014

Follow Up On UCLA in that CNN Athlete Literacy Story

See: this CNN piece for the original coverage. Now: they posted an update to the story over the weekend as well. Also: GAP has more on detail on other aspects involving other schools here.

So: if you click on UCLA logo for findings here (they promised them in February but even into late Feb there was nothing displayed, now they have something) - it now displays this:
"University of California, Los Angeles

According to several academic experts, the threshold for being college literate is a score of 16 on the ACT, and a 400 on the SAT critical reading, or writing subtest.

The university provided 494 separated scores, separated by subject test. They did not break down scores by sport.

Of 106 ACT reading and English scores, 15 were below the threshold.

Of 388 SAT reading and writing scores, 58 were below the threshold.

CNN also compared the average athlete score to the average student admitted to the university.

The average athlete score on the SAT Reading was 489, on the SAT writing it was 482, and the average score on the ACT was 21.5.

According to, the average SAT reading score is a 619, and the average writing score is a 645. The average composite ACT score (which includes Math scores) for all admitted freshman at UCLA is 28.

University statement from Steve Ritea, associate director of university communications:

"This year, UCLA posted one of the highest graduation rates for student-athletes in the nation, with 87 percent earning their degrees - the most comprehensive measure of academic success by student-athletes. UCLA is dedicated to prioritizing academics within our athletics department and offers an extensive academic support program that begins during the recruiting process and extends all the way up through graduation and beyond. Every prospective recruit is thoroughly evaluated by a panel including members of our faculty, administrators in student affairs and the director of undergraduate admissions. That panel has the final word on every recruit. Those who accept offers of admission undergo comprehensive academic evaluations the summer before they enroll in classes here, letting us determine how much academic support they will need so that we can create individualized programs that will guide each of them toward graduation. Students in all 25 varsity athletic programs have access to - and, in many cases, are required to utilize - support in four key areas: academic counseling, which helps them determine course schedules and set academic goals; tutoring for courses as well as academic mentoring, which helps them develop good study habits and other learning strategies; orientation and graduation information; and programs that help them develop leadership skills and a dedication to community service. Each student-athlete's needs and their academic progress is closely monitored throughout their time at UCLA. In turn, every student-athlete is held accountable for living up to their responsibilities in the classroom. As a result, nearly half of all student-athletes at UCLA make the Athletic Director's Honor Roll each quarter, by earning a minimum 3.0 term grade point average in 12 or more academic units."

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