Monday, March 24, 2014

Global Higher Ed Talks in TX and AZ -- Hillary, Jeb, others

Is it Irving? or Dallas?
Queens College Cambridge and Jeb Bush and former NC Gov Hunt chair and... some speakers with all the right ties to the 'right' hedge funds, NGOs- is that an overly cynical way to view it? Or, just accurate?
Anyway, attendance for the event is 'by invitation only', get a glimpse- HRC and Jeb Bush keynote speakers. Coverage here:HRC and Jeb Bush at a globalized education conference in Irving, Texas

Some l'il mini- video clips of some of the other talks available here. Funny how they encourage tech for instruction but they are extremely private about the event.
"Academics like to be right when they publish papers..." (Is that code for your stuff is theoretical- I'm/Admin doing the 'real' work?)

And, Cal's Chancellor Nicholas Dirks and Cal's AVC- Administration John Wilton also speakers at the Conference.
[fyi: Wilton's bio reads quite a bit different from the one the Cal PR put out when he first came to Cal : "John Wilton- Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance at the University of California at Berkeley John Wilton is the vice chancellor for administration and finance at the University of California at Berkeley. Prior to arriving at Berkeley, he served as the director of international research for Farallon Capital Management LLC, a global, multi-strategy, U.S.-based investment management firm. He was also an advisor on developments in the global economy to Hellman and Friedman LLC, a private investment company. Prior to joining Farallon, he worked for the World Bank for 24 years. At the Bank, he served in positions including chief financial officer, vice president for strategy, finance and risk management, and senior economist."] Hellman, Farallon, - those sound familiar right?

re: 'blending' the question is going to be what will the effect be for being at the physical TED talks?

Is anyone talking about this story there?: Tuition Fees: Former Tory Adviser Says Government Got Its Maths Wrong - Nick Hillman, Who Worked For David Willetts On Student Loans Regime, Calls For Action Over Looming University Funding Gap
Or, is some other group organizing 'The Maths Wrong for Higher Ed Conference'? Speakers?

side note see: the 4:00 mark here in an interview w/ Arianna Huffington (she is asked about HRC's comments): There is a section where it cuts to HRC recounting her own visit to Harvard as a prospective Harvard Law student - where she was told by a prominent prof that they don't have any nearest competitor (Yale) and 'don't need any more women'...circa early 1970's - what about today?
In AZ...
Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) 2014 - "The Future of Higher Education: Redefining Learning As We Know It"
-- vocational, technical, 'right skills training' over/in lieu of 4 year degrees-- brought up over and over in each session as a solution...

and, also in AZ: HuffPo mentions

"During a forum at the Clinton Global Initiative University, Clinton fielded a question from Vrinda Agrawal, a student at the University of California, Berkeley who asked, "If you don't represent women in politics in America as a future president, who will?" at around the 01:13:00 mark here:

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