Monday, March 31, 2014

Gone, gone, gone

Daily Nexus UCOP Revamps on Title IX and VAWA

more from UCSD Guardian
Desmond-Hellmann Steps Down as UCSF Chancellor Today
“A 23,000 person, $4 billion university does not run on its own gas. It needs leadership,” she told KQED’s Scott Shafer recently. “The ability to hire people and pay them what they are worth is good for the state, good for the university, and shouldn’t be the subject of pandering.”

When she was appointed, Desmond-Hellmann became the first female Chancellor in UCSF’s 150-year history. Prior to joining the university, she directed the development of new drugs at biotech company Genentech, a background she said was more controversial than her gender.

“[I] felt no pressure as the first woman Chancellor. I did feel some pressure that individuals looked to me as a drug company lady,” Desmond-Hellmann told Shafer, adding that some in the university were originally “suspicious of my motives, suspicious that I would value private industry over our public mission.”

-wasn't it more about the stocks? the tobacco stock in the portfolio that was a surprise?

Daily Cal -Breslauer gone - “It’s not where you get your money, it’s how you spend it that counts,” Breslauer said. And:
"A few regrets

Some do not share Loomba’s sentiments, however. Breslauer says he has few regrets about his tenure — except that the handling of the protests in 2009 and 2011 “got out of hand.” In both years, the campus erupted in protests as students derailed harsh budget cuts and increased fees.

But the events of 2011 in particular may have a longer-lasting effect, as some protesters have filed a lawsuit against Breslauer, Birgeneau and other UC Berkeley administrators, alleging that the officials authorized police violence during an Occupy Cal protest. The campus was criticized for the police response to the protesters, which some saw as excessively violent.

The request from the UC Berkeley administrators to be dismissed from the $15 million lawsuit was denied in January.

But Bob Jacobsen, former chair of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate, warned about overstating the importance of the protests and allowing them to overshadow the developments Breslauer has overseen.

“(The protests) were a part of changing the way the university is financed and changing the way we provide access to students, but they weren’t the thing that was driving the changes,” Jacobsen said. “The underlying changes that the institution has to have were happening and have continued to happen since.”

Coach Montgomery leaving
Janet Napolitano set for a staff 'chat' in mid April and Dirks will do the same April 8.
Gone, gone, gone.

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