Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gunnison on Leland Yee

Rob Gunnison, recognized for mentoring aspiring journalists during his years as Director of School Affairs at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism--his op ed at Cal Buzz on Leland Yee- Op-Ed: When The Press All Cheered Leland Yee
A SPLC flashback on Yee with the student press in video here.
Gunnison ends his piece on where clues to explain it might be found, KGO's Dan Ashley gave a commentary that offered one 'likeability' clue w/ Sacto colleagues here- --it led to thoughts of could this also be about retribution among pols? Also, ( see this video clip of other recent coverage. Other pieces this week reference clues surrounding specifically SF politics that might explain 'the environment' as well. There are lots of angles to cover on it- but some news outlets just wanna have fun creating 'restaurant walking tours' based on some local color details... hopefully there are folks out there who can and will cover it fully.
The "splitting hairs" and "the smell":

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