Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hillary at UCLA today, and round up

Just using 'Hillary' makes it easier to keep track of which Clinton is being discussed--see this for info on her Luskin lecture today - now: LAT with coverage of her talk and other coverage like DailyKos, and PR on her event where she received the UCLA medal.
The students are feeling 'Peregruzka' (overcharged) as well or maybe they are just feeling 'underfunded' by the state, both?... On tuition-- remember in this Remaking post:... This formulation puts huge pressure on elite universities like Duke to subsidize student costs and to make sure every single student is experiencing artisanal research-learning. This would be a big change for students who are buying a brand affiliation that will get them to the head of the line for the careers of the 1%, which, judging from Laura Newland's alarming memoir of her Duke undergrad years, is most of them. (You can listen to Doug Henwood's interesting interview with her January 30, 2013).

also see this: another narrative from another Duke student here on the same subject

Seems: Some students at UC Davis are feeling the same way as some students at Duke, and the UCD folks have launched a project and request public participation.

Also, a story mostly of estrangement? b/ween a student and her parents seems to be meeting up with some backlash if you read the comments sections of the coverage in various parts of the msm.

So, it probably will be helpful and important for students to continue to tell the story in full- their various experiences- rather than have it marginalized or spun based on only one particular story.
Changing Universities is goin' to DC to share some views, posted here in list view: A New Deal For Higher Education
UCLA Fac Blog picks up a Daily Cal op-ed from Berkeley Faculty Association on Faculty Pay at Berkeley
There's this on academic freedom, Garcetti and more: We Wish We Weren’t in Kansas Anymore: An Elegy for Academic Freedom by Michael Meranze

As campuses turn toward private research funding, issues of proprietary claims to knowledge arise (as in the infamous British Petroleum contract at Berkeley), while growing emphasis on patent possibilities for scientific research threatens to direct research away from the search for knowledge and toward the search for commodities. Even the scramble for private donors to endow chairs threatens to drive the academic enterprise in directions driven not by the logic of inquiry but by the desires of the monied. The notion of an academy not controlled by the power of money (as expressed in 1915) seems a long-ago fantasy.
When the Board of Regents grants the “CEO” of a campus the power to determine the undefined “best interests” of the college or university and to punish someone whose social media undermines that perception; when this policy is triggered not by some established pattern of social media use that has disrupted the teaching and research of the university but offended a lobbying group — then we have exited the classical world of academic freedom and entered one of the corporate protection of reputation in a market of positional good.
When UCOP, UC Regents said they hired Napolitano b/c of her political acumen- it sounded like they did n't think through -fully- how her previous work would be tied to ongoing immigration debates. Here is a video piece that caused some pause, gives a greater sense of how some view it- and perhaps explains why 'they' don't just put it aside as 'work history no longer relevant'-- as some would like 'them' to... and, in part, explains why 'it' sometimes shows up the way it does at public comment for UC Regents meetings. Why would they think folks would just 'table that'?--get what they were tryin' for in the recruitment-- but, when you hire politicians-- you get the politics...why are they so surprised?
What is the word for 'reset' in Russian, anyway?

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