Monday, March 3, 2014

Krugman As An Indicator On Public Universities...

see Remaking the University latest post: University Week Are Public Universities Cool Again

it points to a Business Week article, in that piece this excerpt:
Moss compared Krugman’s switch to a sports legend signing with a New York team, as when baseball slugger Reggie Jackson moved to the New York Yankees from the Baltimore Orioles and basketball star Kevin Garnett came to the Brooklyn Nets from the Boston Celtics.

“This will give him an extra 10 years,” Moss said of Krugman. “You don’t want to go stale in Princeton. We’re doing it with Kevin Garnett, we did it with Reggie Jackson and we’ll do it with Paul Krugman.”

but --Reggie's years in Oakland...
Where are Public Universities in their 'best' years, their 'best' state of being?
Is Petraeus still at CUNY? Or is he at USC, Pepperdine, or somewhere? (Whatever happened to Broadwell?)
All this stuff going on in the sister city to N. Cal's Sebastopol (the one with the Russian River)-- Sevastopol (the one with...The Russians) --don't see Petraeus in any of the talking head coverage, or panels on the latest developments there...

Maybe don't underestimate the lure of Zabar's- note the strike-through here. Is that what it really comes down to?

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