Monday, March 31, 2014

Less 'Nerd Bird' --More Necker Island?

Remaking the University -- on: Virgin Air, UF Online, and the Price of Privatization
"In Florida, Jeff Schweers at the Gainsville Sun tried to find out how much University of Florida Online paid to a division of Pearson LLC, the giant publishing and education corporation headquartered in the UK. He was rebuffed. "

-Pearson in US and UK, "the maths wrong" in UK, Richard Branson moves and cost disease, privatization disease...

--Is it all going the way of Virgin flights from San Jose to LA? They tried calling them 'nerd bird' flights... - the private Necker Island
An Op Ed on the CA Senate Oil Bill SB 1017 includes:
The University of Southern California Communications Institute found the Monterey Shale reserve is poised to create a half-million new jobs by 2015 and 2.8 million by 2020 here in California. Oil industry jobs are only going to boom in California -- with or without a tax.

There has also been the charge that SB 1017 creates more "unelected," and thus unaccountable, bureaucracy. SB 1017 creates an advisory board appointed by key stakeholders, such as the University of California Regents and California State University Trustees, to hire an outside auditing firm to ensure funds are being spent as intended. Any degree of fund misuse or fraud results in funding being cut off from the violating body. SB 1017's mechanism of revue allocation is incredibly secure and accountable. Arguing it is not because the board is "unelected" is largely irrelevant. It's unreasonable to expect every state board to be directly elected. It's entirely appropriate for a board such as this to be appointed by stakeholders, and that in no way compromises accountability.

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