Monday, March 24, 2014

Napolitano at PPIC today, more

Update: see this in LA Times for an important reference back to the UC Regents meetings: "As recently as the Jan. 22 meeting of the UC Board of Regents (of which he's a member ex officio) he pressed university officials to experiment with online education requiring no human interaction whatsoever--"a pure online course that, once it's in the can, it's almost perpetual motion."
Bless Brown's heart for thinking outside the box, but thank goodness that UC Provost Aimee Dorr was present to keep him tethered to Earth. "We want people to interact with each other," she told him. "They learn from that." Experience indicates, she said, that when students are utterly shut off from such interaction, they're "less happy and less engaged."


Description: The University of California is dedicated to keeping tuition "as low and predictable as possible," President Janet Napolitano said, adding that there will be no tuition increases this year. In a conversation with Mark Baldassare, present and CEO of the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), the UC president also talked about developing the university's connection to philanthropy and the private sector, the role of online learning, and improving the transfer process for community college students. Demographer Hans Johnson begins with a context for the discussion -he covers workforce skills gap and higher ed in CA.
for the Audio of her talk and q & a here

Reuters coverage of her talk here University of California's Napolitano joins skeptics over online courses

Capital Public Radio University of California President Napolitano Debunks Rumors of Tuition Hikes

Venture County Star: UC President Napolitano says tuition increase 'off the table' for next year

original post:
to find out what was said you have to jump through hoops here why? for an event description see this.
while there see: From Community College to University: Expectations for California’s New Transfer Degrees
Colleen Moore and Nancy Shulock

IHE Transfer Degrees Catch on in California

Ed Source on Strides and Snags

Napolitano will also be presenting at the CSU trustees meeting on Wednesday - fyi the three segments presentation again.

here video also on: CA Senate Informational Hearing on The Future of California Agricultural Education and UC Cooperative Extension

and see: video here of the CASenate Education Committee- they met on these items:
SB-840 Educational equity: local educational agency policies against bullying. Lara Senate - Education
SB-841 University of California: medical education. Cannella Senate - Education
SB-850 Public postsecondary education: community college districts: baccalaureate degree pilot program. Block Senate - Education
SB-967 Student safety: sexual assault. De León Senate - Education
SB-971 School finance: categorical programs. Cannella Senate - Education
SB-1007 Career technical education: expansion: local advisory committees. Wyland Senate - Education
SB-1008 Science education: science curriculum.

(you have to toggle to the start of the meetings.)

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