Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pot of...

$$$$ see short story : Bloomberg News - California Treasurer Readies $750 Million University Bond By Michael B. Marois
"It comes six months after the system with 238,000 students borrowed $2.6 billion. That sale was its largest tax-exempt financing since 2006. Napolitano took over the post of president of the system a week later. Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat and graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, pushed lawmakers to boost spending on the 10-campus system this year by 5 percent after voters approved temporary sales- and income-tax increases. The system raised tuition by 84 percent since 2007 to make up for lost state funding as California grappled with more than $100 billion of deficits."
on another kind of pot, see RawStory at the CA Dem platform convention (includes video w/ Newsom speech on the topic): Newsom indirectly addressed Brown, explaining, “This is not a debate about hippies. This is not a debate about stoners. We can’t diminish this issue or the people involved in this debate by belittling them and trivializing them.”

Newsom added, “Let me be clear. You can be pro-regulation without being an advocate for drug use.”

and, what the Frack? -there is also this other rift -lots of UC in that issue.
Also, Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the med side of some it.

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