Thursday, March 20, 2014

Slashing UC Med? and Burning Campus Climate Talk

The slash: UC Medical Centers Plan To Slash Up To $150 Million From Annual Budgets
The burn: this post on the cost and warnings in advance on the UC campus climate surveys discussed here

The Regents sounded defensive, hot and so defensive about the campus climate results coverage this morning.

Regent Pattiz made a comment about how news media could have talked about the other 75% of UC folks who felt 'comfortable'. Is that what can be inferred by the campus climate survey results? Then, Pattiz said maybe the comfort level is related to the grades students are getting...haha...funny right?

You can view the campus climate results for each campus: here.

And, there were a few passing references to the wonderful public comment from an old one-day UC Regent meeting and visit to the LLNL a while back. It was considered wonderful public comment (and so much better quality public comment) because... there was nothing negative said-- that was the gist of what the outgoing lab Director and Chair Varner said about UC public comment. Don't they get that public comment is not for the purpose of passing compliments among mutual admiration society members?

The Labs are extraordinary- in many ways- but they are not exactly the quintessential public space...

btw: UC closing in on naming new Lawrence Livermore Lab director
confirmed: POTUS to speak at the UC Irvine commencement

and the Vice POTUS gets less than stellar reviews from one of Napolitano's old clients. Wonder would Napolitano agree on the negative review of the VP in that case, and how has that experience informed her process in dealing with UC and Title IX?

Also, Napolitano mentioned today that she was reinstituting the old structure for Agriculture and Natural Resources reporting - now it is back to UC Pres. -So,- tried to find out more but all the links on the 'about us' page for ANR send error messages...

The President of the UC Regents - Gov. Brown- did not attend this month's UC Regents meeting.

The next UC Regents meeting will take place in May and held in Sacramento. The Regents want the students there to lobby for more funding for UC. In fact, the only animated exchange the UC Regents seemed to engage in with students concerned the upcoming Sacto advocacy. No acknowledgment that many students complained in public comment and while they were presenting to the regents that 1-they had finals this week and 2-that they were dissatisfied that the UC Regents regularly hold all meetings at UCSF- a campus that does not have an undergraduate population. None of the regents addressed the students statements about how the conflict in schedule affects their finals and participation in the UC Regents meetings. So, the tuition hikes were conveniently raised as major discussion for this month's meeting. Nice how that works...kinda like 'on call protestors' right?
You can watch what happened at the UC Regents meeting today on archive video here - toggle past the blue seal 'check back later' message, and then toggle past the gold seal to the 01:57:00 mark - it is fun to hunt around for this stuff, right?

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