Monday, March 3, 2014

"The charges "might be a way for campuses to do an end-run around the tuition freeze, "

What are "Student Success Fees"- could they get to UC under a different name? see LAT: More Cal State Campuses Are Considering Student Success Fees
So, the Governor went on MTP and the 'pot head' quote hit headlines etc.... 'Pot Heads' and 'Happy'- seriously...
it just brought back a reminder of an exchange between the UC Provost and the Governor at the UC Regents meeting in January. It was during the education policy committee meeting - about online instruction and ways of making students 'happy' or 'not happy'- see: 01:12:25 mark - the full section of that agenda item begins at the 32:00 - there was a student panelist at the table available to make direct comment about that 'happy'-talk, but...
The what-ifs on a 'shoo- in' reelection, includes: We also had very affordable public higher education and somehow need to return to that — for everyone, including middle-class students, so they're not stuck for decades with college loans. -and a mention of $17 million in the Gov's coffers for re-election - for what that piece calls a 'cake walk' re-election to a fourth term as governor.
btw, Did the Governor attend the Academy Awards Governor's Ball and did he meet up with UC Regent Lansing there, who knows? Former CA Governor Schwarzenegger has a new movie out later this month, title: "Sabotage".

Is it still a 'cake walk', 'shoo-in' if this is happening in the CA Leg?:"Democrats have fallen below the two-thirds majority that had allowed them to pass new taxes, move measures to the ballot and enact "urgency" bills without Republican assent. - Or, is it that that doesn't matter in the re-election? The Sac Bee has a section on it with more detail, prognostications etc.
Other thing...
The top five of the current articles in the list of headlines (on the right-hand column and in the last several posts) concern some serious issues that seem to keep cropping up involving research universities and whistle-blowers. Several of the UC news stories were not covered by well known newspaper groups -not even those that claim to specialize in that stuff. Searched and searched and found --zero, zip, zilch. Maybe they still need to catch up to it. Noticed the coverage came from recently created independent news groups. Where is the MSM coverage on this kind of thing? Are they only comfortable with talking about UNC-CH , cuz of the huge sports aspect?

reminded of Matt Taibbi's recent comments in this interview:

"Look, this is the job. The job is we're supposed to report the truth. If whistle blowers come forward, we're supposed to take the risk along with those whistle-blowers and society long ago decided we should have protections when we do this."

"Modern journalists just don't recognize how serious it is," Taibbi added.
see the HuffPo video in full.

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