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Updated - UC Regents Meet Today, March 19

Update IV a nice headline but what about the estimated $100 million debt inherited in the deal that Regents De La Pena and Makarechian said today they weren't told about here at the 03:17:30 mark in video here:

anyway, the nice feel good story that doesn't talk about the regents surprise is here at Inside Bay Area piece Children's Hospital Oakland finds safe harbor under UC San Francisco

UC San Francisco now will be ultimately be responsible for Children's finances. Its medical center is clearly the senior partner in the agreement. Children's four top executives now are university employees,

Update III Coverage of today's UC Regents meeting:
Sac Bee: University of California regents debate lifting tuition freeze

San Jose Merc: University of California challenges highlighted in survey of student, employee experiences

AP: UC survey reveals attitudes on campus diversity

You can watch video archive of today's meeting sessions here
Update II 2pm pst they have posted the video archive of the morning session here

they are currently in live session here
Update I: at 12:15pm PST The UC Regents broke for lunch in a weird way- Chair Varner and the secretary to the regents made it seem as though they are in closed session for the rest of the day- maybe they are- then Chair Varner said return from lunch at 1:30pm PST- but this is the current posted schedule:
Wednesday, March 19

8:30 am Committee of the Whole (open session - includes public comment session) (pdf)
9:30 am Committee on Educational Policy (open session) (pdf)
10:15 am Committee on Finance (open session) (pdf)
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Committee on Grounds and Buildings (open session) (pdf)
3:00 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (open session) (pdf)
4:30 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (Regents only session) (pdf)

Once the archive is available it would be good to see the section on the UCSF Childrens Hospital item where Regent De La Pena and Regent Makarechian raised some good questions about why the UC Regents health committee seemed to be baited? into a deal in Health committee and then the deal was switched? for around $100 million dollars in Finance committee- that was the tenor- very troubling section of the meeting, but still the vote went forward. Regent M had to raise his objection to the change given his earlier comments about state funding, pensions, and tuition hikes... Are votes ever recorded with a record of how each regent voted on an item? There were no "no" votes and no abstentions on that vote. Some UC Regents were not in the meeting room or they were absent. Are absences of UC Regents recorded?

The Climate Survey Report results are now live -see: - but the report findings are a mystery still to many of the Regents and everyone else. So, the results will likely receive coverage over the next few weeks. Some regents said they needed to read the report findings still. It was interesting to hear the regents ask questions on the process of the survey development and protocols after the fact today. They now want a breakdown of the data in a manner they did not make contingent as part of the funding for the survey. Other regents raised concerns about the lack of participation in survey responses particularly by undergrad student population. Staff participated at a 50% rate- but what parts of the staff participated most? Student regent raised concerns about LGBTQ population and underrepresented minority (URM) population receiving support at the system-wide level to address climate since those climate issues are persistent and already known. The student regent designate raised very good points about the lack of discussion about climate as it relates to student-administrator and student-facutly interactions when protests, or hotly debated topics arise. It was refreshing to hear those important points raised. She also mentioned an incident during the Birgeneau era to illustrate.

The Edley Robinson report also received follow up. Part of the panel that presented to the regents were senior admin who were unfamiliar with Bagley Keene previously...remember this?

Once again, check back for the archive link of this section of the UC Regents meeting.

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