Thursday, March 20, 2014

UC Regents Meet Today, March 20

view: agenda items and ways to view, listen here

Thursday, March 20

8:30 am Committee Finance (Regents only session) (pdf)
9:15 am Committee on Health Services (Regents only session) (pdf)
9:30 am Committee on Governance (Regents only session) (pdf)
9:35 am Committee Compensation (Regents only session) (pdf)
9:45 am Committee Compensation (closed session) (pdf)
10:00 am Board (Regents only session) (pdf)
10:10 am Committee of the Whole (open session - public comment session) (pdf)
10:30 am Committee on Health Services (open session) (pdf)
11:15 am Committee on Oversight of the DOE Laboratories (open session) (pdf)
11:30 am Committee on Compensation (open session) (pdf)
12:00 pm Board (open session) (pdf)
Times indicated and order of business subject to change
see: UCLA Fac Blog has posted coverage and audio of the UC Regents Feb 27th investments committee meeting, here and also see a catch up on pension and affirmative action post- esp. the news video on affirmative action included.
and while waitin' for a rare UC Regents open session today, there's:
Fortune Magazine's article: The Hidden College Problem: When Universities, Not Just Students, Take On Debt

"Researchers Charlie Eaton and Jacob Habinek of the University of California – Berkeley found that borrowing goes above and beyond simply replacing public disinvestment. They showed that more borrowed money goes to fund “amenities” projects rather than education-related projects. (Their latest findings and data will be released in the coming month). Universities are making the bet that they can build new sources of revenue: rather than put funds into education, they are investing in areas with potential income streams. New buildings like medical centers, sports stadiums, or dorms can bring in fees and sales, regardless of educational value – and therefore create "...

(h/t Remaking the University)

see the 02:23:00 mark here of video from the UC Regents meeting
but then
also, once again see the video section at the 03:17:30 mark and fyi UC Regent De La Pena speaks and just for some history De La Pena headed up a major fixes to the operations of UC student health clinics, he is pretty astute and he looks major pi$$ed over being 'taken aback'... and Regent M says the same. They work on this for two years and not a peep until the UC Regents finance committee meeting? wow.

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