Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"UCLA and UC–Berkeley were two of the exceptions, however." - not a small point to make.

see: Slate: More than Black and White-Why Liberals Should Let California's Affirmative-Action Ban Stand

"In seven of 10 leading public universities, my colleague Halley Potter and I found, these strategies were able to help colleges meet or exceed the levels of African-American and Latino representation they’d achieved in the past with racial preferences.

UCLA and UC–Berkeley were two of the exceptions, however. Many liberals understandably support repealing 209 in California to make those universities more racially and ethnically inclusive. But lifting the ban is a bad idea for two reasons"

see: Collective Statement Regarding the February 13th Day of Action by Student of Color Solidarity Coalition
see: Students at UCI are asking for support of this petition
also, this latest happened at UCOP - recall the job went to a Canadian... - lately thinking about Canada just leads to thinking about that Ogallala (Aquifer)

and then McCrae and Call -isn't the aquifer area where Call wanted to set up his ranch?
in this CNN piece higher ed in UK also comes up re: foot dragging on some Euro sanctions for Russia. and also there's this berkeley blog post for other EU concerns.

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