Tuesday, March 25, 2014

UC's CFO Stepping Down- a few days from now (April)

LAT: UC financial chief leaving to head up educational foundation

(did he ever make that UC PATH presentation -on how its goin'- to the UC Regents? in closed session?)

Here is info on Napolitano on UC Path - health checks, end of March due date, end of 2014 due dates-- but there was a key due date back in July 2013- how much of that 6% contingency has been used up?

Bloomberg coverage

UCOP memo on Taylor resignation includes:
With this departure, the Finance Division will be placed temporarily under the direction of Executive Vice President Nathan Brostrom. During this period, we will undertake a full review of Business Operations and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer to determine the best structure for both divisions to ensure maximum effectiveness, efficiency, and support for the goals of the Office of the President.

This review process will be led by Cathy O’Sullivan and the new Business Operations chief of staff, and, to ensure appropriate campus input, will include three campus representatives. They will be joined by Meredyth Lacy of the President’s Executive Office. Our goal is to have this review completed by June 30.

Three campus reps for a 10 campus system?

more on his move to the "Upstart" Foundation here
btw On the President of the UC Regents- Gov. Brown:
NPR: Jerry Brown praised by Schwarzenegger
Is he the anti pol pol?
Like the anti pol who raised $20 million for re-election?

He appoints a political reporter as the state librarian..." the 24th state librarian, a $142,968-a-year post," and Cal Buzz with more on that development. FYI, remember the 'Napolitano at the PPIC' post (and for that matter Yudof, etc. at PPIC from earlier posts) - well, there is an intro to that event that someone with the last name Lucas makes as well-- turns out the new CA Librarian is her husband: Lucas, son of former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Malcolm Lucas, is also the husband of Donna Lucas, who runs a political public relations firm in Sacramento and is a former adviser to Republican governors. PS the video for the Napolitano PPIC talk is now available here -and a Lucas introduces her talk- so when the Gov. goes to speak to PPIC...

Read more here: http://blogs.sacbee.com/capitolalertlatest/2014/03/brown-appoints-former-reporter-lucas-as-state-librarian.html#storylink=cpy

Maureen Dowd answers if he is still harsh on HRC and Bill? Palmy Days For Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown’s new push for high-speed rail: Get old people off the road

and, SF Chron
California seniors have highest poverty rate, study finds by Carolyn Jones

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