Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"We need to change the lexicon of our student-faculty relationships, which is to say that we need to be able to talk about the conditions in which we live and work."

See: Why Solidarity Is Important, Or, An Open Letter To UC Faculty and the 'just happened' that sometimes occur:

However, there are hidden mechanisms of intimidation and we all know what these may be: the infamous things which “just happen” (ie, TA appointments which “just happen” to go to someone else, a fellowship competition you “just happen” to lose, letters of recommendation which “just happen” to be poor ones). These things, the “just happens,” are terrifying and can make the prospect of approaching our faculty daunting.
Inside Higher Ed: Grad Student Debt Rising

see reports: Borrowing for College

an SF Chron article on it: California college borrower numbers soar
and their other reports:
The State of Latinos - in higher education in CA
The State of Blacks - in higher education in CA
also HuffPo:
Former President Carter on Title IX and admin behaviors
Minding the Workplace on getting to tolerance

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