Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Yet it's not clear that the number of Asian Americans would drop if affirmative action were reinstated. In fact, the rate of admission offers to Asian American applicants to UC rose higher in the years before Prop. 209 than after."

see SF Chron: California lawmakers look to change college admission rules
SCPR: Affirmative action amendment has some Asian-Americans furious
and an associate professor of political science at UC Riverside who has published four books on immigration, race and politics has take on it in LAT
more capital projects?: UCSF closes in on deal to buy some of Salesforce's Mission Bay site
- what for? how many more "open-floor low-rise cubicles" needed?

..."speculation has been rampant over who would ultimately snatch up one of the most-desirable pieces of real estate between San Diego and Seattle. One of those rumors featured the VA Medical Center buying and building a new research-patient treatment-office facility on the site in a politically and financially tricky move.
Some even speculated that well-heeled “friends of UCSF” would buy the site, particularly the four-lot chunk that sits directly across Third Street from UCSF, and lease it back to the university.
A UCSF spokeswoman Wednesday would not speculate about plans for the property."

this stuff is the latest on the President of the UC Regents/CA Gov. race the 'activist' agenda here and gettin' all back to the future in CA here
Back to the future... even Ward Connerly recently wrote an op ed on affirmative action at Daily Cal
So, is this a response to Wiseman or Khan, Koller, all? Yes, 2014 is the year of Spock. Fun..

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