Friday, April 18, 2014

A Public Health School At UC Davis?

A new leader at UC Davis in this piece: UC Davis Public Health School Back On Front Burner

Katehi is on board.
“Population health — with a global perspective — is increasingly critical in today’s world,” Katehi said. “It is very early in the process, and we are still consulting stakeholders and exploring options, but this is exactly the kind of innovative, collaborative initiative UC Davis is well positioned to lead.”
“We all hoped the new leader would embrace a structure that really encompasses the life sciences — ag, vet med and biological sciences — and embraces them all,” said Dr. Fred Meyers, vice dean of the medical school. The concept is “to really have an impact at home in California and internationally.”
The initiative is going to take money. But the state budget is in better shape now coffers are more padded than they were the last time the concept was floated, supporters note.

and: on CCC and CSU this Oakland Tribune editiorial might be pointing to what's in the seat cushions -- but the question is: if they get $5 mil -- should it go to marketing?

That is why CSU and the community college systems have asked Gov. Jerry Brown for $5 million to launch an aggressive marketing campaign to highlight the transfer degree.

That decision should take the governor about 30 seconds to make. In California that is budget dust; more money than that can be found in the seat cushions of certain capital watering holes frequented by legislators and lobbyists.

back to public health-- Hank Plante on printing new legends instead of old facts-- he joins Andrew Sullivan in an important conversation. Many in SF didn't make it through the 80's and 90's in order to say it- so those who can say it now should get some lotsa space.

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