Monday, April 21, 2014

Admissions Disparities At UC- Intentionally Increased?

see: Changing Universities- The UC Admissions Bait and Switch
What the UC is doing is admitting students from California, but not offering them places at the campuses of their choice. Simply put, students are applying to Berkeley and UCLA, but they are being admitted to Merced and Riverside.
Although the UC system is supposed to be correcting the historic inequality between the campuses, it is clear that this is not happening. Meanwhile, the UC knows that many students who do not get their top choice and are offered admissions at Merced or Riverside will decide to go elsewhere. Furthermore, the ability of UCLA and Berkeley to be more selective helps to raise their school rankings, which then perpetuates the disparities, since students do not want to go to a lower ranked school.

also- is the same/similar thing happening in public higher ed hiring? can you find similarities? see: Minding the Workplace- Myths and Realities About Working In The Non Profit Sector

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