Monday, April 14, 2014

almost Easter roundup

Daily Bruin: UC Reassesses Investment Decisions For Retirement Plans
The investments currently at the front of many UC officials’ minds are with Russian state oil company Gazprom and bonds bought from both Ukrainian and Russian governments.

Worth about $7 million, the Gazprom holdings are small fraction of the UCRP’s multibillion-dollar total.

Russian and Ukrainian bonds together are worth about $71 million, and represent a large share of the foreign bonds held by UCRP.

Given the current political crisis in the region, the UC is reviewing the holdings, Klein said.

Some global investors have speculated that the current crisis in Ukraine could provoke a partial default on the part of the Ukrainian government, which would damage any holder’s financial standing – including the UC.

Highlander Opinion piece Profits Over People: UC’s Allegiance To Profit Margins
points out:
Bachher’s salary is to be funded entirely from non-state sources, and the funding comes mainly from investment returns, not tuition or tax revenues. Though the salary of the CIO does not come from any public funding, this salary is substantially higher than several UC campus chancellors, and even exceeds the salary of UC President Janet Napolitano whose base salary is $570,000. Bachher even receives a $9,000 car allowance and a $153,000 relocation stipend.
UCLA students bring Title IX concerns to White House
UC To Open Admissions Application in August - The University of California will open its 2015-2016 admission application in August instead of October to give students more time to complete their application.
This reads like 'we're global- but we want more state funding' and 'spend some to make some' justification for luxury travel. Heard it already.
Long wondered about how many former foster children attend UC?? and what services they receive??- this UCM Prodigy article touches on it. Hope it succeeds and expands.
UCSD is doing something great, smart: Alumni Will Receive Free Career Guidance
Through its partnership with Alumni and Community Engagement, the Career Services Center is now able to offer UCSD alumni free lifetime access to a variety of resources including job postings, recruitment workshops and additional online tools.
UCSF Synapse with this article on folks who provide services for most of the UC Regents meetings- so this might be somethin' of interest systemwide.

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