Friday, April 25, 2014

Consultants, Higher Ed and Title IX

check out the latest thing with Title IX

“Everyone in our inner circle of national student activists knows not to trust them or waste your time working with them because they’re just going to run you in circles anyway,” said Sofie Karasek, lead complainant in the federal complaints against the University of California at Berkeley. A UC Berkeley spokesperson confirmed that the school hired Smith and Gomez last fall to review and strengthen campus policies, but Karasek says she has no idea what they’re up to and that they’ve never tried to get in touch, a sentiment echoed by complainants across the country.

and other nightmares
and chilling effects:
State Lawmakers Use Budget Cuts To Make Colleges Do What They Want
John Curtis, of the American Association of University Professors, pointed out that while the threatened budget cuts often don’t materialize, even the promise of a cut can be intimidating.

“It creates a chilling environment to the idea of academic freedom to think that any time a faculty member is putting a course together that their reading materials might be scrutinized by legislators,” Curtis said.

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