Wednesday, April 2, 2014

coverage of today's strikes at UC

at UCSC today... see: KSBW coverage with this excerpt: "On February 23, 2014, the Director of the Writing Program at UCSC, told a group of union members in his employ, 'If you strike, you will not work in this program again.' UAW 2865 then filed the most recent in a series of Unfair Labor Practice Charges focused on retaliation for protected union activity. From threats, to international student’s visa status who participate in union activity, to unlawful videoing, and calling legal strikes illegal, the UCs are taking every opportunity to try and intimidate its members. In response, the 12,000 front line educators in the UCs represented by the UC Student-Worker Union UAW 2865 filed multiple ULPs and will now be striking from April 2-3."

The press release continues, "On October 29, UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz police filmed union members striking. Labor law is very clear: it is unlawful for employers to film protected activities undertaken by employees. Finally, in the week preceding a potential strike at UC Santa Cruz which was later called off, the director of the Writing Program threatened UAW members, telling them they would not work again in his department if they participated in the upcoming strike. This threat was especially severe because the Writing Program’s hiring is left almost entirely in the director’s hands. He leads a course in which students learn pedagogy and apply for work at the same time, a class which has been the subject of previous complaints regarding the lack of transparency in its process."

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