Monday, April 14, 2014

Does it really need a $5 Million Dollar Marketing Campaign?

CSU Associate Degree For Transfer program- in this Sac Bee article

With a focus on transferring, many students also never completed an associate degree at the community college level, leaving them with nothing to show for their work if they didn’t finish their bachelor’s – a real concern at CSU, where the graduation rate for transfers is 71.6 percent.

While some faculty initially resisted the idea of legislating degrees, the two systems have since come together to establish 1,147 degree pathways from community colleges to CSU campuses, with another 540 in the pipeline.

The pathways are based on model curricula for what are so far the 25 most popular majors among transfers,

To make that vision a reality, the systems have jointly asked Gov. Jerry Brown for $5 million this year to launch a more aggressive marketing campaign for the transfer degree, aimed not just at community college campuses but also at high school students weighing their options.

UC does not participate in the program - but couldn't the five million go toward efforts to improve on the 71.6% rate directly?

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