Monday, April 14, 2014

Former Almost UC Regent...on Gov. Brown

David Crane has some thoughts on Governor and President of the UC Regents Jerry Brown and his truth about the state of CA in his Bloomberg View : How Jerry Brown Hoodwinks Reporters
Similarly, Brown is using cash-based budgeting to underreport the cost of an employee benefit -- retiree health care -- by $3 billion. The governor could have chosen to report the expense at its full size, but to do that under cash-based budgeting, he would have had to actually contribute $3 billion in cash to a retiree health-care trust fund.

That’s exactly what governors are supposed to do. Retiree health-care expenses, like pensions, are supposed to be pre-funded in order to protect future generations from having to pick up an earlier generation’s costs. But Brown chose not to do so, making his budget look rosier than it is. This shortchanges future generations, which will have less money for their own services because they will have to pay off the skipped costs.

also there's Reason Mag.: The Next Time Anybody Insists California Has Recovered, Read This

Crane said there are 'no Lincolns in Sacramento' at a UC Regents meeting a few years ago- remembered that many times since he said it - most recently during the whole 'Leland Yee, Shrimp Boy breaking news' a few weeks ago- then, each time, also remember Crane was appointed to his UC work by folks in Sacramento... He still serves as an adviser to UC Regents on the investments committee - and who knows if he still attends their swanky UC Regent meeting dinners?
UCLA 'travel scandal' petition goin' round on this:
To:UC Regents
UC office of the President, UC President
UC Board of Regents and UC President,
I demand that the Deans and Chancellor of UCLA be held accountable for the recent travel expense scandal. I want action to be taken to show that the University puts students and faculty first. The type of spending listed by the Center for Investigative Reporting is highly unethical and especially in times of financial strain.

I demand that those responsible reimburse the University out of their own pockets and be terminated.
[Your name]
The Aggie article includes some good detail: UAW Workers strike hits UC campuses
Teaching Assistants, Other Student Workers Join Workers Across State In April 3 Strike

Higher Ed in Retrograde- IHE
If one is retired from UC - why does this come up involving UC?

oh-nos! Using newly minted UCB EVC and Provost Steele's image to try to make the case for increasing their pay again (kinda like inserting the image of the Duggard hero thing, or not/different?): UC Administrator Salaries Lag Behind Competition
and there's this, too:

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