Thursday, April 24, 2014

“Frankly, the faculty, who may be dragged kicking and screaming. Well, so what? Too bad. If there’s a great professor at Berkeley, and he or she can beam his course all over the state to students statewide, and that course is suited for online, we’ve got to do it.”

that's Kashkari via Daily Cal - he is polling at like 2% right now, so... - others are also running but they aren't talking about education
related to the Kashkari story:
there's also: Public Policy Institute of California Finds Common Core, New Funding Formula Get High Marks

PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Education
part of why figuring out the Corp Dem DINO thing is important: Jerry Brown has Republicans who support him

the Governor and President of the UC Regents has made an appointment : someone to head the FPPC - a body that does have some oversight authority over UC and other AP coverage here
the Food Pantry Movement at campuses continues on
some appointed to AAAS but isn't that the place w/ 'the head person and the missing PhD degree' episode in its recent history?? and....
there is more on the CA Senate ethics training day and the events that prompted it have other interesting developments, too. Former SF Mayor Brown (other half of the Bay Bridge namesake, ugh) even reduced it down to its barest elements here with a Let's Everybody Calm Down

TARP flashbacks too

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