Sunday, April 6, 2014

"I wondered: Was there a check-in gate at Berkeley, like at a national park? Did you have to pay as you drove in, with your box of clothes and your poster and your pillow? I had money saved from my summer and part-time jobs, but I didn’t know how long that would last. Tuition would be $212.50 a quarter that year, but there must also be charges for the dorm room and food."

see NYT for this :

AS the summer weeks went on, my mother’s mood took a major dive. She said offhand things like: When I bring you to college, I may not come back. You may not know me anymore.
Or: I may just drive over the cliffs at Big Sur.

It wasn’t a fairy tale of discovery and bestowal, but an everyday story of incremental change. But stark realism doesn’t give a full accounting of life, either.

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There's this on growing UC extension (is that good for regular instruction?): Solano County will likely join a multi-county partnership between Sacramento and Yolo counties and the Regents of the University of California to provide the UC Cooperative Extension Program.

update: here is a link to the UC Coop Ext Program - it is part of ANR with real updated pages - not like these other "about us" pages ANR has that just give error messages. (Remember a Newman's Own connection and that also goes back to Chez Panisse references, too.) So, can't ANR update their about us section since the 'compact at Chez' stories have put it front and center?
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  1. UC Cooperative Extension is part of UC's original mission as a landgrant university. It provides outreach education related to agriculture, public health, nutrition and food, and the like as well as leading 4H. This is quite different from "University Extension," which offers regular and specialized classes to the general public.