Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If Boalt Can Go Online...

then why not the real potential to reduce down to two years?

and there are other criticisms of that piece linked here -it includes:
The first person Chemerinsky hired onto the UC-Irvine faculty when he got this self-abnegating enterprise rolling five years ago [Erwin Chemirinsky, notes Campos, is dean of a brand new law school that, "in a hyper-saturated legal employment market," [charges] $47,300 in resident and $53,900 in non-resident annual tuition.] was his wife. In 2012 this dynamic academic duo pulled down a combined salary of $597,000 from the University of California’s perpetually cash-strapped system.

--really? was it like that? the very first hire he made? really? or was it part of his hiring package?
also- does he get some of the heat because he once had a client named Valerie Plame? political persuasions at the root?

[recall there was talk at a UC Regents meeting where UCI Law students' numbers for passing the CA bar were higher than any other UC law-- a couple years ago. Guess there is more to that story, here: "Umm, UC Irvine, we need to talk. The school went from a pass rate of 90.2 percent in 2012 — second place for the entire state — to a 77.5 percent pass rate. Maybe this is the difference between people who got to go to law school for free and people who got half scholarships. Better shape up, Class of 2014."]

Boalt is not UCI - in terms of years of existence etc. but if Boalt can offer online...
-or is that online move part of this:
Chemerinsky: "This crisis mentality is not only unfounded, but is also creating pressure for reforms that would make legal education worse, not better."
UC Hastings visits UC Riverside on civil rights and this is the write up -- it includes reference to a skewed supply in higher ed.
Are coaches automatically also educators? Does the position come w/ an academic title? Or, is Dirks referring to basketball education? Dirks: “Identifying the right head coach for our men’s basketball team was a high priority for us, and warranted a significant investment of time and effort,” stated Chancellor Nicholas Dirks. “Together with Athletic Director, Sandy Barbour, we spoke with a large number of highly qualified candidates and carefully evaluated their personal and professional attributes. I am confident that in Cuonzo Martin we have found an exceptional coach and educator, with a proven ability to support the athletic and academic success of his student athletes. I know that he will be a great fit for our program and our campus.”
A Modest Proposal For CA State Political Reform
if UC Berkeley heard it was 'operationally excellent' - would they bring this to University Health Services at Tang? - mixing lucrative higher ed with this other hot frontiers...research programs, top notch tier 1 research universities...

but then consider the denial of services for proposed improvements on Title IX matters...not so operationally excellent??
While at UD..also see this on GSK- and this on beauty cream - might make you howl.

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