Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Is UC Pres job just a 'rubber chicken circuit' gig?

see Beverly Hills Patch: University of California President Janet Napolitano will be part of a panel examining "The Future of Higher Education," along with Northeastern University President Joseph Aoun and George Washington University President Steven Knapp.

Napolitano will also be part of a panel on "Leaders on Leadership," a discussion on long-term thinking in industry, markets, government, education and life.

yep, Leaders who Lead Leadership --at a Milken Institute/Conference. (UPDATE: yes, noticed that Napolitano is on a panel with that guy who ticked off the newly engaged (congrats!) George Clooney- resulting in a sad tequila fallout.)
In this headline the alphabet soup does NOT refer to Napolitano's old job, see: Are we there yet? Oh, say can UC? Probably not, if you go to DHS
This information started to trickle in anecdotally from friends with kids applying to college. I heard about a couple of DHS boys who had 4.5 GPAs, varsity sports, high test scores, etc., not being admitted to UCLA. Not even being wait-listed.

Well, I didn’t really know these boys, so I rationalized that maybe each had something horrible in his file. Maybe a murder, or a few stints in rehab … anything to keep from believing the competition had gotten this out of hand.

As the spring progressed, I heard more and more about stellar Blue Devil students not being accepted to their top UCs; specifically UCLA, Berkeley and UC San Diego.

When talking to a friend whose daughter had everything going for her yet was still refused admission to those top three choices, it became downright depressing. That a kid works so hard doing everything right, being a perfect student and showing such readiness for the rigorous academic environment of top California schools … well, I’m disgusted on her behalf.

I wish I had the guts to tell my kids to not even apply to schools adopting this new admission game plan, withholding the application fee that is fueling the frenzy. “Look at us,” UCLA must be thinking, “we got more than 100,000 people to apply and pay $70 for us to say you’re not what we’re looking for because you’re from California and your school was too challenging.”

(FYI- Also see the correction on the admissions figures- but her sentiments seem to remain unchanged. Most importantly it details out how UC admissions practices might be moving high school parents and students to do things maybe UC does not want them to do.)
Seem to recall Napolitano mention (in some interview?) a planned summer trip to Mexico - not sure if that means she is joining the Governor on this trade trip to Mexico in July ...will post confirmation if it pops up. There was this related event she participated in last month at UCD.
on that topic:
CA Shrugging off Toyota?

but UC Davis digs Honda on a Smart Home project


CA supporting private space exploration while at the same time this is happening?
Vice Presidents, Lab Directors - more and more titles- anyway, here's info on the appointment of a VP for the Labs more here and at Daily Cal and Daily Bruin includes the compensation detail.
Check out what happened in Iowa: The governor also required his administration and the regents to post future settlements in easily recognizable locations on their websites. A spokeswoman for the Board of Regents hasn't responded to inquiries on how universities plan to do so.

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