Monday, April 28, 2014

Is UCLA Returning the Donald Sterling Donation? and other things...

So, is UCLA standing by the press releases involving The Donald Sterling Charitable Foundation and UCLA?
see here and here

Was it a worst kept secret? Some: are looking more closely at it. Update: There is a 10am PST press conference for the LA Chapter: they make these latest developments clear - UCLA might want to borrow a page from... at the very least--if UCLA is keeping the award money they should explain why.
At UCSB -and other places nationally- there is this "Resolution to Mandate Warnings for Triggering Content in Academic Settings" being discussed here in AP.

It just begs for someone to come in and start rating syllabi like movies, right? Or, is this a request for course outlines, etc. in places where they don't offer them at the beginning of term? Is that a good thing? And, for those suffering from med conditions who are triggered -- is it a disability rights issue?
Calbuzz at the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley seminar: “California’s Top Two Primary – Will It Make a Difference?” After listening to their presentations, Calbuzz proposed a conclusion with which the chrome-dome panel pretty much agreed: That if the top-two system has had any measurable effect (and we can’t be sure because of the competing variables), it’s been to move the elected Democrats to the right without moving the elected Republicans to the left.

Which is exactly what the economic elites who backed the system want – to moderate the Democratic left.

The biggest effect thus far, according to Tulchin, is that in making election strategies vastly more complicated and customized, the top-two system as been “good for the business of political consultants and pollsters.”

All the recent previous posts of the growth in certain UC non faculty and non tenure track positions... now this PR release on where the money goes: too.
At UC-- yes, some important things need more than a UC PR response.

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