Saturday, April 26, 2014

Janet Napolitano On SCOTUS Affirmative Action Decision and Diversity Problems at UC Graduate Schools

in the Washington Post: Janet Napolitano: How to diversify a campus, in spite of the Supreme Court by Janet Napolitano
Despite our best efforts, the University of California still struggles to build an undergraduate student body that fully reflects the diversity of the state. Across the university, the percentages of African Americans and Native Americans enrolled in 2012 remained lower than the corresponding percentages in 1995. The percentage of Latino students has increased but not enough to keep pace with the explosive growth of Latino high school graduates.

The problem is most severe in our graduate schools, which educate the professionals who will serve California’s increasingly diverse population in the decades to come. At times, the entering classes at some of our medical schools have not had a single African American student, despite significant outreach efforts. The proportion of underrepresented minorities in the university’s business schools is less than half the national average for comparable institutions.

Black, African American students from UCLA Law School were also interviewed this morning by WaPo's Jonathan Capehart. They discussed their classroom experiences of being "invisible", "hypervisible", "tokenized", and retaliated against for discussing it- it 'went from hostile to very hostile'. Will post the video here in this post -once it becomes available.

‘Hyper-visible, but also invisible’
Gerloni Cotton and Asia A. Womack from the Black Law Students Association at UCLA talk about their experiences as students of color on UCLA’s campus. The MHP panel talks about the importance of having a diverse student body.-

Remaking the University has this new post: Is This What President Napolitano Meant By Teaching For California?
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