Friday, April 25, 2014

L'il, Ol'...California?!

the President of the UC Regents Governor Brown on income inequality in California:
...the debate over rich versus poor has sparked protests by groups in the Bay Area over the sharp rise in high-tech salaries and housing prices — most visibly, the angry crowds that have followed commuter buses chartered by Google and other tech companies for their employees.

Do the protesters have a point?

“They have a point,” Brown said. “The return on assets is better than the return on labor, and people’s ability to make salaries.”
But Brown argues the forces at play are, in most ways, out of the control of either him or other state elected officials.

“To try to close the gap, which is a global phenomenon, based on technology, return on assets, on global flows of capital, one little state can’t do that,” he said.
more in the Capital Notes interview.
LA Times: Californians Rank 23rd In College Degrees
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and seems Dirks' ol' crew did not crack the Title IX, Clery code, either
the UCB redwood trees in the way of that 'Jacobs' building have been cut down - it would be helpful to have a photojournalist do the before and after and not just images of the mock up plans...
UCSF's Dr. Eric Goosby in this history.

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