Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Miller said he and other legislators were “stunned” by the revelations, especially because universities seem to be “forward-thinking” employers who presumably would have sounder employment standards. “It sent us the signal that there was something very, very wrong here.” The testimony sparked a report from Miller’s office on adjuncts, called the “Just-in-Time Professor,” based on existing research and adjuncts’ responses to an online forum about their working conditions. Miller said the status of adjuncts raises “very serious ethics and transparency issues.”

They/DC just now catching on? See IHE: Rep. George Miller with adjuncts at Georgetown
and see this new post: Changing Universities on Subprime Higher Ed and DC
CUCFA statement on UAW negotiations and strike on April 3

Reclaim UC: Why we are striking -- an Open Letter to UC Grad Students- with more on why they are doing it.

Grad tuition trends of concern covered here
Minding the Workplace on Universities embrace of the new gilded age

and congrats to all on this latest development
The latest links on the UNC whistleblower case updates rounded up here at this new GAP post
Wild--Cal Buzz on a ghost written column by Willie Brown
Wild again:60 minutes includes a quote 'to think that trust serves as a differentiator in a service business' at the 14:10 mark... and responses to it get truthiness reviews here.

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