Thursday, April 24, 2014

More on the $10,000,000.00 UCLA Whistleblower Settlement

Chad Terhune, the LA Times reporter who covered the latest whistleblower settlement at UCLA is joined by Charles Ornstein in this KCRW interview (you may remember Ornstein from his coverage of the celebrity patients at UCLA and privacy issues cases- LAT also covered that, too). They also talk about the upcoming implementation of the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, comments Terhune received from the UCLA chief med compliance officer on the Pedowitz allegations, and they mention other related pending cases, there is also a compare and contrast- in particular b/ween UCLA and UCSF policies at the med centers (to digress a bit--it sounds somewhat reminiscent of the "Los Angelism" comments made related to student athlete grad rates and a UCB CSHE report -tinges of it):

yes, it says something on the screen below about undocumented policy but: you 1-have to press the play button and then 2- scroll to that UCLA med whistleblower settlement 11:00 mark section of the program:

and a Patch piece includes an additional facet to the story:
Pedowitz additionally claimed he was wrongfully demoted and that another UCLA physician defamed him by distributing to the faculty what Pedowitz said was false information concerning his previous employment at the University of South Florida. He said he would not have agreed to step down from his chairmanship as part of the 2010 settlement had he known at the time that the memo was being circulated.

"The regents concealed the (memo) from me," Pedowitz stated in a sworn declaration. "I was not aware of its existence until June 27, 2011, when I was shocked to find it in response to my public records request."

Pedowitz maintained that "nearly every accusation" in the memo was false, including allegations that he tried to fire another doctor while at the University of South Florida, that he screamed and yelled at secretaries in the Department of Neurosurgery and that he threatened a resident physician with probation.

Pedowitz continued to work at UCLA after stepping down from his chairmanship, but maintained that the retaliation against him did not let up.

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