Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Napolitano: "Men have no monopoly on leadership skills"

in it - here- she writes about that not so well received (by many women-- and men) 'don't call girls bossy campaign' (something that could easily be handled by simply saying 'it is probably not a great way to raise a child- boy or girl- by attaching a negative connotation to future professional roles-- particularly if you want your child to one day be ---a boss'. When Sandberg was asked about the campaign and questioned about whether or not there were other issues to dive more deeply into -- she said it was a Girl Scouts campaign that she was asked to participate in- blame it on the GS. For Napolitano's participation in it- there's this: the Girl Scouts initiative is backed by one of Napolitano's old colleagues It is an initiative that is understandable for the Girl Scouts organization- within their sphere of influence-- but Sandberg and Napolitano should be tackling such issues in a different, deeper way - facing the issues as big as FB billions and the power attached to something like a DHS, right?)
btw Napolitano could do some UC stuff like talk about UCSB and Deltopia since she came to UC claiming such topics are in her wheelhouse, expertise- but-- crickets...maybe b/c she wants to avoid certain campus issues by claiming all that campus tough stuff is delegated to the Chancellors-- but to do so might make it apparent that the UC President position does not really run the UC system- and that might come as a shock to folks.
UC alumni write letters to the LA Times claiming UC has turned its back on Californians applying for admissions
San Diego Free Press on recent items the Graduate Student Union feel they have won in negotiations with UC
Wanna Be CA Governor- Kashkari takes on Education in CA-Neel Kashkari proposes major education overhaul
The GOP candidate for governor would throw out much of the education code, send funds directly to schools rather than to districts and let most public schools run like charters.

California is spending more than half of its $98-billion general fund budget this year on K-12 and higher education. After years of cutbacks, Brown proposes more funding for both in his spending blueprint for the fiscal year that begins July 1.
But the state's students rank among the bottom in reading and math of the 50 states, and the higher education system is so overburdened that many students cannot get into some required courses, delaying their graduation and increasing their student loan debt.
Kashkari would deal with the latter by linking a portion of state funding to campus performance, measured by such markers as graduation and course completion rates.
He would also require the University of California and California State University systems to place 20% of their courses online within four years, though he offers no details about how he would force them to do so. The governor and Legislature have limited control over the public universities, particularly the UC system.

Piketty (and Saez) everywhere and:
Krugman: Why We’re in a New Gilded Age and more here.

some go the route of a Krugman hypocrisy vein

Reich: Antitrust in the New Gilded Age

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