Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pick your $5 mil marketing campaign for CA public higher ed

already mentioned the $5 mil marketing hopes for a AA degree Transfer program

here's more on the effort:

Some regions need a better educated workforce to reduce high poverty rates. But their low-income residents aren’t demanding college classes, said Robert Shireman, executive director of California Completes. Many impoverished potential students who could benefit the most from a community college don’t even know a college might offer training that would help them start a career or get a better job, he said.

-that sounds like an outreach effort that might be more about vocational training at the CCCs rather than the transfer AA program with a four year degree goal.
Anyway, see:
Press Enterprise: Inland Area Needs Most New College Seats, Report Says

keep in mind that the $5 mil is half the number the Governor offered up to system-wide online initiatives for UC, CSU bandied about a year ago...
What is a Deltopia? -Is it part of the campaign to have Gov. Brown move to the Delta?
A music festival? a stroll? A- a- what? And how does it involve UCSB students?

Anyway, some kind of crazy s--- went down and here is the new second part of Remaking the University's attempt to find out what really happened...there, at that thing, whatever it is- just remember as you read, IV = unincorporated town of Isla Vista - not a reference to the Higher Ed Act of 1965.

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