Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Student Success Fees at CSU and A review at SJSU, more.

see: Budget Review Slams Athletics, Administration - Spartan Daily
Are athletics part of 'excellence and technology' fees?

If the CSU administration has spent this kind of $$$$$ on athletics- going forward, how can the faculty 'partner with the admin.' to ask the state for more $$$$$ ?

“Over a five year period, the (CSU) system lost 30 percent and San Jose State lost almost 45 percent,” Bunsis said. “There is no doubt that San Jose State has gotten the short end of the stick in terms of the state operating appropriations from the state versus the other CSU’s.” --that sounds kinda like how the UC Regents talk about what they wanna say in May in Sacto, right?

Please see University Diaries on other excerpts, context - but to be clear this is described as an independent review requested by the SJSU California Faculty Association- not an audit or state audit.

Links to the Bunsis report, background etc.- who knows where those are?!

Daily Aztec: San Diego State administrators and faculty are tasked with sorting out the implementation of the new Student Success Fee, which is slated to take effect in the Fall 2014 semester

CBS Local Phil Matier: Despite Tuition Freeze, State’s College Students May Pay More With New Fees

SJ Merc San Jose State, other California campuses raising fees despite tuition freeze

Daily Titan CSU Fullerton Data shows mixed reaction to success fee

Napolitano's talk at Harvard covered here
Oakland's Childrens Hospital gets a new name and some Benioff millions and more detail on it here in SF Biz Times
Someone noticed--still no head of FPPC- which has some oversight of CA Higher Ed--UC
good overview of the students day of action in Sacto

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