Thursday, April 10, 2014

UC Berkeley Administration still dunno what they wanna say about faculty and staff Title IX policy?

left with more questions than answers reading Daily Cal today:

a partial redo and new website for Title IX policy but it does not include content for faculty and staff - yet. UC Admin says the content has been there all along..."Though the website’s content consists of information that was previously accessible through other channels,"

Daily Cal: "In the coming months, the website will be expanded to include more information for staff and faculty."
Why would it take extra months to cobble this together for faculty and staff if everything is -as they claim- just at the fingertips, at a click, right now- all along?

Who is on this 'Title IX Compliance Advisory committee'?
UCB also working on updating the student discrimination complaint process -- two things that stuck out in the piece:
-Lee Maranto, campus independent hearing officer and chair of the committee, said changes in language and requirements would help students feel less intimidated by the process.

“They don’t need to provide a legal brief — we really want to lower the threshold of what information they need to provide,” Maranto said. “Some students are really intimidated thinking they have to talk to an attorney and things like that.”

-and a potential move to only online submissions

There are also technological materials being proposed to facilitate the process, such as a web-based rather than print-based submission form, according to Maranto.

--they should offer both paper and online submission option.
There's this latest: "in California, consensual sexual contact between an employee and a client is considered unethical but not illegal in most nonmedical situations."

So confusing- most parents would likely want to know if it is allowed at Tang under UC policy- but no info on that part in the story.
(more background here.)
No coverage of the 'staff chat with Chancellor Dirks' thing- maybe it was a non-event.
The stakes for staff can be high. Sometimes UC policies for staff and faculty can be a barometer, warning sign on policy implementation with students and vice versa...
Did the UC custodian die getting I House ready for this event?
This on the online law course suddenly moves to the topic of an entire online law school experience?
The course is taught each year to lawyers from different countries who come to UC Berkeley to receive a prestigious law degree. With online education gaining widespread popularity in recent years, the idea of expanding a UC Berkeley law education to an online audience has been in development for quite some time. After the success of a pilot course last year, faculty members decided to expand the campus law school to a global level.
Skype office hours=Boalt experience?... Or, Skype can avoid raining on Boalt parades?

The antiMOOC approach...
Is this a UC Berkeley (CSU-like) Student Success Fee? Or, just call it the
'anti Student_Success_Fees'
and UCLA signs agreement with Centre Testing to create clinical laboratory in Shanghai
Return of the Tree People
EFF outreach at Colleges and Universities- they want to join up with students and community organizers.
There is this piece tries to make an appeal for a Sec of Ed in CA
it is an enviroment that requires some immediate solutions.

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