Tuesday, April 29, 2014

UCLA Turns Down Donald Sterling Money- "The University of California, Los Angeles says it's turning down $3 million pledged by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and will return the $425,000 installment he's already made."

see: University of California, Los Angeles rejects $3 million pledged by Donald Sterling

UCLA Newsroom: UCLA Rejects Donald Sterling Gift -and they make a point to mention that those ads of his donation to UCLA were placed by Mr. Sterling not the university.

But did UCLA even consider the previous housing and other major issues, long history prior to originally accepting the gift - or did UCLA just follow the NBA lead in the aftermath?

President of the UC Regents Governor Jerry Brown on Sterling

California Governor Jerry Brown says the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist comments are “unthinkable.” He said that given America’s history, reaction to prejudice “has to be strong.”

By issuing a lifetime ban on Sterling, he said, the NBA Commissioner had taken “strong action.”

in an interview with CNN.

more on the UCLA turn down of Sterling here:
LA Times it takes up the gold plaque-ing: "The university also denied Sterling's previous boasts that his donation and pledge were supposed to lead UCLA to name a lab after him and his wife." and "Before its cancellation, the Sterling gift in March to a UCLA professor’s study of kidney proteins had raised difficulties because of an advertisement that Sterling had taken out in the Los Angeles Times about it. The ad said UCLA planned on naming a kidney lab after Sterling and his wife and that a “gold-colored plaque” honoring them would be placed in the lobby of a campus building."

USA Today

Daily Bruin

CBS Local
also see today's Daily Cal news on White House On Title IX - its report here along with other details.
more folks w/ reports on the Master Plan - but not much on suggestions for a new model

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