Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Um, no--and, Les Encyclopédistes at Cal.

No- to a Oski makeover.
Santa Barbara Independent- on UCSB's Climate Survey results- includes the fact they have the highest numbers in one important area.
The press release from UCSF: Sam Hawgood Takes the Helm at UCSF- Renowned Physician-Scientist Becomes Interim Lead of Premier Health Sciences University
President of the UC Regents Missionary Work? and Whatsup at Cal's Newman Hall?
Wonder if NBC BayArea's news anchor/reporter Diane Dwyer is gonna cover this on International House: "an entire semester of limited amenities and services in addition to the loud noises and disturbances."...she is a member of the Board of Directors at I House and a lecturer at the B school.
It sounds bad:
When I attempted communication with the I-House Board of Directors, I was not only rejected entrance to their meeting, but security guards were hired to single-handedly deny me the opportunity to present my petition and proposal to the board, bringing me to my final issue: transparency within I-House. Giesecke and the executive office have made it their mission to keep vital information from their residents. Residents have the right to know whether the place they’re living is going to be under construction. Allowing students to sign a housing contract without disclosing important information that explains construction will last half of the academic year is unjustified, and refusing to compensate residents is even more inexcusable. Not to mention the even-larger dining hall renovation project that will take place during the next academic year.
A few days back Dwyer had early tweets of her own pics and video on the Yee story, (one Cal Bear covering another Cal Bear,ugh) on that front:

How could CBS-KPIX not bring up the FPPC in this story?
- some: others are talking about it- a bit.

There's this: Don't blame the FPPC, Wierenga says: "The Legislature makes the laws."

but remember a section mentioned in the Suda story on UC Irvine: "significant impact on the strained regulatory system, which has already been criticized for lax enforcement."

Many resources available when DiFi's millions went missing, but...

what to make of it?

(If you read the op ed on I House sovereignty and then read the Voice of OC link in this last section, it does make one wonder what Rousseau would think of UC.)

Lotsa April Fools items out at the student newspapers today- did you find them? hint: the quarter system appears at a certain campus (when hell freezes over), a Napolitano protest of a different kind at another campus-- funny stuff.

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