Thursday, May 1, 2014

Again and Again

the 'Title IX sexual assault and harrassment on college campuses - DOE probe' is a story that refuses to go away- with each new school added to the list it forces all the other schools on that list to have to respond once again to what is happening at their school- not a bad thing:

NBC local UC Berkeley Among 55 Schools Facing Federal Sex Assault Probe

KTVU: Feds probe UC-Berkeley’s handling of sexual abuse complaints

KPCC SCPR 55 colleges, universities under investigation for abuse claims, including University of California

CNN 55 colleges under investigation over handling of sexual violence complaints
- includes 'if I saw it happening' video (but CNN saw this story happening yet, they decided to let its airtime talk go on endlessly for weeks and weeks - not on new facts about that missing airplane- but about dreamed up scenarios about the plane and new tools of industry for deep water searching- all while major news stories in the USA and around the world were breaking- so...)

USA today on it

Slate: These 55 Colleges and Universities Are Under Investigation for Title IX Violations Related to Sexual Violence

Sierra Sun Times carried University of California President Janet Napolitano made the following statement today (April 29) about the release of the report “Not Alone,” by the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault:

“We applaud the White House for its attention to the serious and urgent issue of sexual assault on our nation’s college campuses. The University of California has no tolerance for sexual violence and already has implemented the key recommendations set forth in the White House task force report released today. This does not mean that our work at UC is complete. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and will continue to ensure that all of our campuses, medical centers and labs maintain a culture of respect and inclusion. We have recently completed an anonymous systemwide campus climate survey that provided important data to better target areas that need improvement. Among the other White House recommendations that UC already complies with are ongoing training for victim advocates, anti-sexual violence awareness campaigns, strict confidentiality protocols and holding offenders accountable. We will continue to review and improve our efforts to make sure UC is a place where all students, faculty and staff are safe.”

(UPDATE Murky- she said Murky not muddled)-remember Napolitano also said that the UC campus climate report- based on a campus climate suvery which was created by UC and UC vetted researchers- she said that survey gave results that were "murky" in this piece at the Daily Bruin (which was noted in the last item at the bottom of this post) --so where does she stand on campus climate surveys and campus climate report findings, really? Can UC create campus climate surveys and reports with unmurky results? Does that have to take years and years? It took years for the murky campus climate survey to happen, and it took years for the murky results and report to be released.
So many of these stories and op eds up and down the state - the sum total can't be ignored either SJ Merc: UC Admission Harder Than Ever For Californians

The promise of an elite public university education for California's top high school students continues to fade as record numbers of qualified in-state applicants are being rejected from every UC campus they applied to.

Admission rates at UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara have plummeted to less than half of what they were in the mid-1990s, a new analysis by this newspaper shows. This year, 11,183 freshman applicants who qualified for UC admission had no offers from their chosen campuses and were referred to UC Merced, the Central Valley campus that opened in 2005.

Some strove mightily and successfully in high school but found their aspirations opened few doors.

Cal's in-state freshman admissions rate for the fall -- 40 percent in the mid-1990s -- has fallen to 13.5 percent, with another 5.3 percent of applicants given a spot in January.

In the past two decades, as the number of Californians at Berkeley has remained flat, the school more than tripled its enrollment of out-of-state and international freshmen in 2012, enrolling about 1,150 in a class of 5,070.

And last month, Chancellor Nicholas Dirks announced the campus would increase the non-Californians' proportion among undergraduates from 20 to 23 percent. "In order to sustain the excellence of our programs and the student experience, tuition from out of state and international students is crucial," he wrote in a letter to the campus explaining the decision.

Of course, freshman applications aren't the final word; some students transfer in as juniors. But the transfer admission rate to Berkeley dropped to about 21 percent last year compared to about 33 percent in the mid-'90s
There are fascinating/intriguing/mystifying/disturbing comments in this Daily Cal story on Leland Yee and University of California

including this excerpt from one comment:
I would shy away from mentioning the unions, though. As a Cal alum-turned-graduate student at UCLA, I looked into the union side of things, re. the UAW who supposedly supports TAs. It is woefully corrupt (see various sources on the last round of elections), and negotiates for costly 'benefits' that do not help the vast majority of graduate students, at the expense of the UC -- and salaries for all TAs. And even if you opt out, the unions apparently hold enough legislative sway that they passed laws making it such that no one can opt out of paying into them.

-other views?

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