Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Are UC Regents Holding Up Their End of the Deal With CA Governor and CA Legislature?

a Sacto showdown on that question at this week's UC Regents Meeting on it?

see Changing Universities: UC Bait and Switch Part Two "the implicit arrangement was that UC had to maintain its current number of in-state students even though the governor has removed enrollment targets from his recent budgets. However, recent statistics so that it is unclear if this deal is being upheld*: “The UC system enrolled about 700 more California freshmen in 2013 than in 2009, a 2 percent increase, and nearly 5,000 more freshmen from other states and countries -- a 273 percent increase. About 57 percent of the added spots went to international students, and 30 percent to students from other states, while about 12 percent went to Californians. UC Berkeley enrolled 800 fewer California freshmen this academic year than in 2009, but it accepted about 580 more from other states and about 500 more from other countries.” Although we still do not know about actual enrollments, it should be clear that UC has changed its admission priorities."
*bold emphasis added here
and also note this post on the May Revise press conference by the Governor today.
At the same time also keep in mind all those citizen op eds slamming UC admissions in newspapers up and down the state -and this active petition that Sacramento will receive after this week's UC Regents meeting... lots of different interests at play for this UC Regents meeting in Sacramento

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