Friday, May 23, 2014

"At the same time that the regular faculty has been shrinking, the number of administrators has been growing. During the period when OSU hired forty-five permanent faculty members, it hired 670 new administrators. A similar pattern is found throughout American universities."

UCI's Drake is gonna have a time there:

What Makes Ohio State the Most Unequal Public University in America?

Why is this happening? “The motor force behind these trends is the hiring of ‘professional administrators’ whose primary commitment is to their own careers and advancement,” says William R. Schonfeld, former dean of social sciences and emeritus professor of political science at the University of California, Irvine (where I teach history). “They take jobs as stepping stones to other positions higher on the ladder.”

“To protect themselves,” Schonfeld says, “they grow the bureaucracy. They are committed to goals which can be relatively quickly achieved—more funds raised this year from the immediate business community, as compared to building a strong foundation for long-term giving by alumni; new schools and academic units, as compared to the tedious and slow process of building true distinction.”

they also have this on Jerry Brown and CA higher ed: As GOP stalwarts like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie whined about revenue shortfalls, Brown announced plans to increase spending on higher education by almost 10 percent and on K–12 education by 4.3 percent.
and this on CCSF

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