Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Blaming Title IX Failures on the 1960's FSM and Civil Rights Movement?

Is that a correct read of it?, see:
UC Berkeley Students Press for Stronger Action on Sexual Assaults

There’s a reason why university policies have leaned so heavily toward the rights of the accused. It stems from cases in the 1960s when some universities expelled students for participating in civil rights protests, often without giving them any due process. The students sued, and the courts ordered schools to give accused students ample opportunity to defend themselves. That practice stuck.

“If you look at that period from 1960 until almost the present day, the legal pressures that have been placed on institutions … have been almost exclusively from the perspective of the rights of accused students,” says John Wesley Lowery. He’s a professor of student affairs in higher education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and he’s studied student conduct systems across the country.

“Only in recent years have we seen the federal government, and to a much lesser degree the courts, say ‘We think there needs to be a balance here,’ ” Lowery explains.

(and the audio section there includes multiple UCB folks on the topic)

Or, could the reasons for the failures to properly deal with Title IX have more to do with the reasons for the failures to test kits, equal pay for equal work etc.?
and HuffPo -A disinformation campaign in Higher Ed-- just 'spot checking, its random' as the PR fix?
Feds Swat Down Claim About College Investigations

Why do people forget that Title IX is part of Civil Rights?
The Pols are coming to it really late in the game - hope it is not just for the photo op-
Congresswomen urge Dirks to improve campus sexual assault prevention and response

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